Nov 12 2008

Finally, an Apple Netbook? Not Quite

Take a look at this…

Had me convinced...

… But don’t let your eyes deceive you! Whether you see it as an ode of enthusiasm or an infringement on intellectual property, there’s no doubt it looks like the real thing. Christened a ‘Macbook Nano’ by its tinkering inventors (and a ‘Hackentosh’ by others!), beneath the familiar exterior is not Apple technology but the MSI Wind of earlier this year.

While the craftsmanship of the imitation is interesting enough in itself, more intriguing is what it has to say about the market for netbook users. If this isn’t an indication of a thirsty population of Apple users, I don’t know what is!

However, Apple execs seem unexcited at those prospects. According to Stephen Baker of NPD, the weak reception of the 2005 Mac Mini is dimming the enthusiasm of the company towards making small, cheap alternatives to current models. The novelty of the netbook market is also a factor: during a keynote at an October conference Steve Jobs offered only a lukewarm “we’ll see how it goes” to the netbook question.

One can’t help but imagine that with HP and Dell still outperforming Apple in total units shipped, a new netbook might offer Apple an entrance to that market. Jobs still has time to reverse his decision, but it seems Apple-users will have to wait for now… unless they’ve got the skills to make their own!

You can see the astounding transformation on Flickr here and here.

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