Mar 10 2009

Toshiba To Enter US Netbook Market Later This Year

Toshiba has been disinterested in America’s netbook market, though it offered a few nice alternatives back at CES. That has all changed, however, according to a Toshiba representative at Tuesday’s XChange Solution Provider ’09 conference.

Toshiba Logo

Toshiba is looking to enter the netbook market with an Intel Atom machine. While it currently sells the NB100 netbook in Latin America and Europe, America hasn’t gotten a taste of its machines.

This spring will bring Toshiba’s new netbook, whose specifications are as yet unannounced. The manufacturer is looking to enter around the middle of the market’s range:

“You know us: We won’t be the least expensive out there and we won’t be the most expensive.”

Patrick Mani of Toshiba sees big profits in the “very special niche” offered by netbooks, leading to the company’s decision to bring its netbooks to America. We’re excited to see what that brings beyond the NB100, and as soon as more info is released we’ll be on it.

Via CRN.


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