Apr 10 2009

Canonical Rebukes Microsoft Criticisms of Linux Netbooks

When Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft started getting a bit smug about news that 96% of netbooks run Windows, it became almost certain that sparks would fly. We’ve seen big companies throw mud before, most notably NVIDIA about the Ion platform and, of course, during the ongoing battle with Psion for ownership of the netbook trademark.

So it came as no surprise when Chris Kenyon of Canonical rebuked LeBlanc’s assertions about the invalidity of Linux as a netbook platform. His response, while not exactly scathing, certainly shows that he values the high ground and doesn’t think much of Microsoft’s choice of words.

Linux Penguin

His rebuttal focuses on Ubuntu and other Linux platforms’ “plug and play” ease of use with external technology, the fact that now “Dell, HP, and Toshiba are all shipping Ubuntu,” and research showing that “when customers are offered choice on equally well-engineered computers around a third will select Ubuntu over XP.

Kenyon wasn’t a perfect white knight, however, being unable to refrain from taking a shot at the fact that Microsoft has taken some losses over XP:

“Of course there is a significant benefit for users who do not select Ubuntu or another Linux distribution. The price of XP crashed last year due to competition. So even if you bought a netbook last year with XP – feel free to smile when you see an Ubuntu PC. It’s amazing what an open market can achieve.”

And who can blame him, anyway? Assertions that Windows 7 will be too expensive for popular use have upped the stakes for Linux to take its share of the market, so all signs are pointing to a marked increase in cattiness between the major manufacturers.

Take a look at Kenyon’s response here, and be sure to let us know what you think.

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    […] CEO Mark Shuttleworth has, interestingly enough, disengaged himself from the ongoing catfight between Linux and Microsoft for just long enough to praise Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 7. […]

    October 28th, 2009 at 5:02 pm


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