Apr 16 2009

New 3G Lenovo Netbook Announced

Lenovo is announcing a new 9-inch netbook rumored to have a new feature sure to please fans of the IdeaPad line – integrated 3G. The S9 and S10 are fantastic netbooks but lack mobile broadband.

Word has it that the built-in card is designed specifically to be adapted to AT&T’s netbook plan. AT&T’s subsidized netbooks have been going for as little as $50 in initial locations in Atlanta.

lenovo 3g

Unfortunately the new Lenovo netbook won’t be seeing the same exact plan. It’s announcing that “one of their subsidized netbooks (with a data plan) would [cost] between $100 and $350, depending on the model, alongside the company’s usual $60-per-month mobile broadband service.” You’ll also get a $50 rebate if you sign up for AT&T’s DSL plan too.

Aside from the new Lenovo netbook, AT&T is planning to offer the Dell Mini 9, Mini 12 and Acer Aspire One.

Via FastCompany.


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