Jun 1 2009

Dell Thinks A Bigger Netbook is Better

Dell is trending towards the sale of larger-sized netbooks. Today, Dell stopped selling the Mini 9, which started selling in September 2008 for $349 but in recent weeks dropped to $249.

Dell is emphasizing netbooks with a minimum screen size of 10″ and larger keyboards. The company asserts that these changes are in response to customer feedback and preferences. Like many other computer manufacturers, Dell has been affected by the faltering economy and netbook sales have helped Dell keep its head above water.


According to market tracker IDC, Dell’s sales jumped seven-fold during the first quarter of 2009. ABI Research, another market tracker, predicts that shipments of netbooks will be in excess of 35 million and rise to roughly 139 million by the year 2013. The relatively low price tags of netbooks are making them more and more appealing purchases to consumers.

Via TheWallStreetJournal.

Image via NewTechnology.


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