Jun 4 2009

Ericsson F3307 Netbook Broadband Module Released

Netbooks are about to get a new module for mobile Internet, with which netbook users will be able to connect through plans offered by providers like Verizon and AT&T.

The broadband module comes from Ericsson and is called the Ericsson F3307. It’s specifically designed for netbooks and is certified with cellular networks in 75 countries.

It uses the HSPA standard, which is similar to the one used by AT&T’s 3G network. HSPA is popular worldwide, boosting the accessability of the Ericsson module.

As it is netbook-oriented, the Ericsson F3307 is designed for low power consumption. Offering download speeds up to 2 MB/s, the module is about the same size as a Wi-Fi module usef in laptops. Ericsson is working with Intel to get the F3307 validated with the Pine Trail-M netbook platform planned for the post-Atom netbook world.

Via CNet.


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