Jun 13 2009

Quick Tips for First-Time Netbook Buyers

With netbooks becoming ever more popular, having more and more features, and just becoming more powerful computing technology overall, we must understand what we’re buying. Here are some things to consider.

Price: The prices for most netbooks range from $200-$500, but cheaper netbooks aren’t necessarily better. Obviously, cheaper netbooks are less powerful and have less features. In addition, some telecom companies are selling netbooks at a cheap price (in conjunction with a data plan), but overall, such a purchase results in spending extra money!

Weight: Most netbooks weigh roughly two to three pounds, but some may weigh more. When buying a netbook, the weight factor needs to be greatly taken into consideration, especially when traveling for long periods of time. Any extra weight may be a burden. Relatively lighter netbooks generally tend to be more expensive and may be lacking in some features.

Size: It’s simply logical that the bigger the netbook, the heavier it is. Average sizes for netbooks are about 10″ and the range is generally from 7″ to 12″. There is a tradeoff between weight and size, and smaller netbooks also tend to have smaller screens and keyboards. It would be wise to spend some time testing out these features to make sure that you purchase the netbook that is right for you.

Hard drive: This is important to consider when determining what you are going to be using your netbook for. Remember that photos and videos take up quite a good amount of hard drive space. If you’ll be keeping photo albums and working with videos on your netbook, make sure to get one that comes with sufficient hard drive space.


Image via CNet.


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