Aug 3 2009

Is A Netbook More Environmentally-Friendly Than A Notebook?

Some say yes.

Netbooks do not require a lot of power to operate (but most also aren’t able to perform the most power/performance-intensive tasks). In general, netbooks are more energy-efficient than notebooks and thus, require less electricity.

Netbooks also also constructed using fewer materials.

Some say no.

Netbooks are relatively cheap, so some individuals may feel compelled to replace them more often. So in a way, more total materials may actually be consumed in the construction of netbooks.

Also, since most netbooks are only able to perform basic tasks, individuals who have netbooks may also have other computing devices, such as a laptop or a desktop. In other words, the netbook is used as a supplementary computing device.

What do you think?

Are netbooks better for the environment? We’d like to know what our readers think.

Via Liliputing.


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