Aug 3 2009

Where Do We Draw the Line on Netbook Size?

Not too long ago, many of the first netbooks had seven, eight, and nine inch screens, but nowadays, the general trend for the screen size of a netbook averages around ten inches.

Some consumers are still not satisfied though. They think that netbooks are still rather small and cramped and would prefer them to be larger. Will netbooks have larger screens – maybe eleven or twelve inch ones – in the future?

What do we really prize about netbooks? Maybe their price? Maybe their portability? What would happen if the average netbook got larger? Prices may rise. There’s certainly no doubt that netbooks would then be less portable, and the line between netbooks and notebooks would be blurred even more.

If netbooks got more expensive, they’d be encroaching into the price range of notebooks. Heck, some already are. Would you personally buy a netbook if it were a slightly better performing machine but also had a higher price tag? What if it were a little bit heavier?

We’d like to hear what you think if netbook manufacturers started to make larger netbooks. Feel free to send any comments, concerns, or questions you have our way. :-)

Via ITWorld.

Image via APCMag.

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