Aug 15 2009

Dell Denies Microsoft’s Linux/Windows Netbook Claims

Myth: Netbooks running on Linux are returned four times as frequently as those running on Windows.

According to Todd Finch, the senior product marketing manager at Dell, this myth seems to have been spread by Microsoft, but does not have a grain of truth to it. In actuality, the rate of return of Linux netbooks is roughly the same as that for Windows netbooks.

Why spread the rumor in the first place then? Well, it could be that netbooks are cutting into Microsoft’s profits, since only the more expensive (and more powerful) netbooks would be able to run on the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system. Many netbooks nowadays are still running on either Linux or Windows XP.

Dell has the actual figures of how many netbooks running Linux versus running Windows are returned and denies any rumors that Linux netbooks are indeed returned four times as frequently as Windows netbooks.

Via TheInquirer.

Image via BusinessWeek.


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