Aug 16 2009

Gigabyte S1024 Netbook Starts Shipping in Hong Kong

Also known as the ThinNote (and recently named the “Myou”), the Gigabyte S1024 netbook has started shipping in Hong Kong. This netbook is part of a series of three netbooks recently released by Gigabyte.

The Gigabyte S1024 has a 10.2″ screen with 1024×576 resolution, 1 GB of RAM, and a 60 GB / 80 GB PATA HDD (4200 RPM). The netbook is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU and an Intel 945GSE chipset. Other tech specs of this machine include Wi-Fi (b/g), Bluetooth 2.1, and optional 3G.

The Myou has a keyboard that is 92% of a full-sized one and the netbook comes with a 6-cell battery, which lasts for roughly four hours.

In Hong Kong, the price tag for this machine is HK$3,580 (£280, €323, $462). Think the Gigabyte S1024 Myou will make it’s way over to the US soon? We’ll let you know if it does.

Via Netbooked.

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