Aug 25 2009

MSI Wind U150 Touchscreen Netbook Confirmed

The rumor about the MSI touchscreen Pine Trail netbook that runs on Windows 7 is actually not a rumor at all. Turns out, MSI plans on officially launching such a machine at the next CES.

According to Intel, the Pine Trail platform is not yet perfected, but the company hopes to start shipping to its customers before the end of this year. Hoping to be the first to the market with a Pine Trail netbook, MSI is eagerly awaiting for Intel to put the finishing touches on the Pine Trail platform.

MSI hopes to introduce the Pine Trail platform with their 10″ Wind U150 netbook. The Pine Trail platform is different from other previous Intel Atom processors because it combines the CPU and the GPU into one chip instead of having two separate chipsets. Intel’s new platform is also expected to have 20+% better power consumption.

There’s no other new information just yet on the MSI Wind U150 touchscreen netbook, but when there is, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Via Gizmodo.


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