Sep 5 2009

MSI Announces Dancing Fairy Netbook

MSI Wind

While it’s easy to get excited about a particularly awesome netbook, MSI seems to have gone above and beyond the call of duty in a recent press release for the MSI Wind12 U200 featuring the altogether fantastic subtext ‘Genie of the Wind, Unlimited Magic’. Holy shit.

All ridiculosity aside, the MSI Wind12 U200 is either a netbook or a ‘CULV laptop‘ depending how much you like correcting people. But I’m getting off topic – here are a few gems from the creators of the Wind netbook:

“…The MSI Wind12 U200 is like a dancing fairy, possessing a light and agile body…”

“…[It] presents you with the most comfortable and splendid display, able to show off the vastness of the ocean and the land…”

“…You’ll hardly notice its weight at all while on the road…”

“…A Wide View With Boundless Reach…”

“…Marvelous Software Gives You Unlimited Joy…”

Unlimited joy? That’s a tall order for under $1000!

All joking aside, the press release is an entertaining read if you’re interested in the MSI Wind12 U200 netbook. It describes the features you can expect, albeit in superlative terms, so go have a look.


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