Sep 17 2009

Windows 7 Interface Tweaks For Your Netbook

Windows 7

As the Windows 7 release date draws closer, the time has come for us to really answer the question – is it right for netbooks? It may be expensive as hell, but it will come with a few MacOS-esque interface tweaks to improve netbooking (and computing in general) for the better. Take a look:

  • Window shaking. When you have a lot of windows open, grab one on the taskbar that you need to access and shake it from side to side. This will minimize every window but the one you selected, allowing quick access to an instant message or email screen when a lot is going on.
  • Aero peek. When you hover over a taskbar icon, a thumbnail showing the program’s window will appear. This is quite similar to a feature available in Windows Vista as well.
  • Show desktop. Now you don’t have to actually minimize everything to show the desktop. Just hover over a cursor on the right corner of the screen and everything will disappear until you move the cursor away.
  • Screen docking. Just move a window to the right or left side of the screen and it will automatically dock to the screen’s edges, filling up half the space. There are shortcuts to accomplish this as well for maximum ease of use.
  • Window maximize. If you drag a window to the top of the screen it will be maximized.
  • Shrink the taskbar. Right click the taskbar and go to Taskbar Properties and select ‘small icons’ in order to shrink the taskbar down to the size of the icons. This could help maximize screen space.

We’ve seen stuff like this before in OSes like Vista and MacOS, but as Windows 7 draws closer we can at least look forward to seeing it all in a cohesive¬† package. Stay tuned as more details emerge.

Via JKOnTheRun.
Image via BlogsDNA.

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