Dec 2 2009

Windows 7 Users Experiencing Dreaded Black Screen of Death

While it may not be as bad as it sounds for most Windows users, it’s still not a step in the right direction for Microsoft.  Many people (not just Windows 7 users) have been reporting a black screen which appears following a successful log-in. Once the black screen appears, systems reportedly lock up to the point where theres nothing you can do.

Although some users have claimed that they will have access to My Computer after getting the black screen, the operating systems still slow down to a crawl. Microsoft claims that their recent security update is the most likely suspect and is investigating further to narrow down the issue and eventually solve the problem.

So what should you do in the meanwhile? If affected, its suggested that you look up Prevx, a UK developer of anti-malware software. They’ve claimed to put together a fix that’ll fix the issue. We can’t promise that the fix won’t screw everything up further, so it may be worth your time to research them further. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more from Microsoft.

Via: Engadget.

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