Dec 27 2009

Competition Between Google and Microsoft Intensifies


I have posted before about the competition between Google and Microsoft, which really started to heat up earlier this year. But Google is not just going up against Apple: they are also competing against the giant Microsoft, and they are putting up a pretty good fight.

The battle really escalated this year as each company infringed on the other’s traditional territory. Google has been making a move into the browser and operating systems market, and Microsoft has been trying to establish a presence as a search engine.

Even just a few years ago, it was inconceivable that Google would be able to go up against Microsoft. Microsoft has long been a dominant force in the computer industry, but now their role is being challenged by a web company. Microsoft seems worried, which is why they have spent millions trying to get some of Google’s search market share with Bing.

Google’s online applications also represent a huge threat to Microsoft programs, such as Office. Microsoft has, for years, pulled in a huge amount of money with sales of Microsoft Office. Google presents a huge danger on this front with its user-friendly online word processors, which are free for personal, non-commercial use.

Microsoft is on the defensive with its software and operating system, but it’s on the offensive in the search engine market. This June, it overhauled its Live Search and instead launched Bing (I don’t loveMicrosoft, but I do have admit that Bing is kind of cool). Though Google still commands the search market, Bing is slowly but steadily gaining. Microsoft also plans to team up with Yahoo to try to get more search market share from Google.

Google, on the other hand, tried to push its online office applications into the corporate sphere this year. Microsoft is not just sitting idly by: it has announced plans for online office applications as well. In 2010, it plans to offer online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Google as further challenged Microsoft with its browser, Chrome, and planned Linux-based Chrome OS.

Analysts say that the battle between these two companies has only just begun and things will really begin to get interesting in 2010. This may frustrating for people running Microsoft and Google, but it will mean lots of interesting developments for us.

Via Computerworld.


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