Jan 5 2010

Snow Leopard’s Malware Blocker Goes Unused

One of the many updates in Apple’s new operating system update Snow Leopard was a malware blocker. The blocker scans software downloads for malware, which is a good idea considering recent increases in malware found in pirated Mac software. Though Apple has famously claimed that Macs are safe from the viruses that plague Windows computers, they are not taking any chances and actually recommend the use of third-party security software.

Apparently, Apple has kind of let their malware blocker fall by the wayside. They have not released updates that would help scan for two Trojan horse programs that target Macs, nor have they expanded the malware blocker’s signature base to include many DNS-Changer threats that are specifically targeting Macs. DNS-Changers change a Mac’s DNS server, which then load fake web pages and steal users’ data.

The malware blocker is a great idea, but it could benefit from more attention. The currently available version only scans downloads from certain applications, which include Safari, Firefox, iChat, and Mail. Apple needs to offer more protection on their computers as security threats to Macs increase.

Via ZDNet.

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