Jan 5 2010

What’s Different About Gaming Laptops

Laptops have given man the freedom of mobile computation, but in the process of making things light, manufacturers have often needed to sacrifice performance. Therefore, many light-weight portable PCs are not as powerful as the desktop PCs.

Enter the gaming laptop. Though not very portable, these machines are nonetheless mobile but with powerful components to meet the gaming and entertainment needs of the consumer crowd.

What’s special about gaming laptops? These devices are often desktop replacements as they offer almost all features of a desktop PC. Let’s take a look at them.

The screen comes in first. Most gaming laptops are equipped with high definition resolution screens. Some even feature full HD displays, which is the highest clarity that is possible currently (1920 x 1080 pixels). The Acer Aspire 8930 and the Asus W90 laptops are examples of full HD laptops.

Choosing the right graphics processor is another important factor which contributes to making a good gaming machine. Most of these laptops are fitted with powerful NVIDIA graphics, or sometimes even the ATI Radeon GPU. These graphics processors ensure that justice is done to demanding applications and high speed games. Moreover, they also allow playing of HD content in 720p or 1080p varieties.

Many multimedia laptops come packed with huge hard drives – 500GB and even 1TB (1000GB). This lets users store a tremendous amount of data – media files, movies and more in their systems. The Toshiba Qosmio X500 and the Dell Studio 17 with multitouch capability offer 1TB of internal storage. Most laptops come integrated with a DVD drive or sometimes a Blu Ray drive for added multimedia capability. Watching your favourite movies is just a matter of slipping in the compatible disc.

Even on the interfacing front, entertainment laptops provide plenty of options. The HDMI port, which lets you link your laptop to a high definition TV, is very common in workhorses machines days. Multi-format card readers, USB ports, Fire Wire ports and audio jacks are found in these laptops as well. Some even come with TV tuners.

A high speed CPU and capacious RAM are also helpful in empowering gaming laptops. Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connectivity, which are found in nearly every laptop, are not sacrificed these machines. Some workstations also support 3G for quick internet access.

One of the downsides of gaming laptops is their low battery life, which often comes in at a mere 2-3 hours. When running power-hungry applications, even lower lives can be expected. However, due to their heavy weights, these mammoths are seldom used for portability, and hence are better off on the desk near power outlets.

Price-wise, these gaming laptops vary in accordance with offerings. You’ll find both budget friendly ones as well as feature-wealthy, pricey computers. The choice to buy them lies in your hands, and if you love to game, they might be what you’re looking for.

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