Jan 7 2010

Microsoft May Introduce Tablet Before Apple

Renditions of potential Microsoft and Apple Tablets

Microsoft may be introducing a tablet to compete with Apple’s as of yet unannounced but much anticipated tablet. Microsoft has released tablets in the past, though they were not very successful.

HP is allegedly working with Microsoft on their tablet. There have been rumors that it will be called Courier and use two adjacent seven-inch touchscreens –   quite a departure from the traditional single touchscreen. Though some are interpreting Microsoft’s tablet as a competitor to Apple’s tablet, the reality may be that they are two completely different products. Of course, with neither product released, it is impossible to do a proper comparison. But Apple’s tablet may be much more App Store oriented, and Microsoft’s could have a completely different interface, especially if it has the dual screens.

Also, even though Microsoft is expected to announce its tablet before Apple, both products are expected to ship at the same time: by March or mid-year.

Via PC World, image via Gizmodo.

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