Jan 11 2010

Apple Files for Multitouch Screen Patent

Apple's patent application

Patently Apple, a site devoted to finding patents filed by Apple Inc., has found out that the company filed for a patent for a new multitouch screen in 2008. The site says that Apple plans to use the new technology with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac laptops.

According the patent, Apple has made the LCD pixels of a screen touch sensitive by removing layers of the screen, which also makes it brighter and thinner. The patent also indicates that Apple has developed the capability of touch-screen capabilities on the edge of the screen, which would allow a user to scroll without touching the screen itself.

Right now, Apple has not given any indication that it will be using this technology with any upcoming products. Nevertheless, there is a lot of speculation that this new touchscreen will be used on the much-anticipated Apple tablet. After all, imagine how amazing it would be if different finger gestures did different actions, such as opening an application, on the tablet.

Via ITProPortal, image via Patently Apple.

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