Jan 12 2010

Guy Installs Linux on a Netbook, Best Buy Voids His Warranty

Looks like we’ve got another example of a netbook user getting royally screwed. This time it’s not from AT&T, but Best Buy. Why? Some guy has discovered that, under Best Buy’s Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Plan, installing Linux is enough to void your warranty.

The user wrote on the Consumerist blog:

“My four month-old netbook’s touchpad and power adapter all stopped working. I took the machine into Best Buy for service under the Geek Squad’s Black Tie Protection Plan on Saturday, and demonstrated its problems. The manager of the Geek Squad informed that installing Ubuntu Linux on my machine voided my warranty, and that I could only have it serviced if the original Windows installation was restored. Furthermore, he insisted that the touchpad and power adapter had been broken because I installed Linux.”

Best Buy may have a point – driver conflicts can happen if you switch OSes, so as long as Windows was restored all should be well. Right?

Not so. Apparently, the store’s Geek Squad manager told him that his installation of Linux had “permanently voided” his warranty.

It will be quite an issue if Best Buy stands by its ruling, so if I had to guess I’d expect that they either amend their policy or let the guy off the hook and replace his netbook.

Via TorrentBomb.

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