Feb 4 2010

Netbook Sales Increase 79% in 2009

Netbooks are more popular than ever before. Approximately 30.2 million units were sold last year, and the numbers are only getting higher. Research firm Strategy Analytics said North America is largely responsible for this growth, as many U.S. companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have offered cheap prices for netbooks with a purchase of a two-year contract.  Hardware developers such as Intel and Nvidia are motivated to improve and reduce costs of processors in order to get their products into netbooks, and software developers, including those at Google and Microsoft, are working hard to make sure their operating system will be dominant in the netbook scene.

Apple has less obviously invested in the netbook market with its newly released iPad. Companies are becoming more motivated to boost their netbook sales, and new developments in netbook hardware and software are only going to make the devices more powerful and reduce costs. Rest assured, the netbook fad is only just getting started.

The top netbook sellers in 2009 were, according to Strategy Analytics, Acer, Asus, HP, and Dell.

If you’re curious – and we know you are – read more about the netbook market here.

Via Fiercewireless, image via GottabeMobile


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    […] portability against the former and just plain limited compared to the latter. And yet they’re selling like hot cakes. […]

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    […] and one of the last things we’re willing to compromise on. You just need to look at the stats for netbook sales in order to corroborate this, or just look around in any coffee shop in any major […]

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    […] web users is expected to triple. The number of mobile broadband users is expected to double. The number of netbook users grew 79% last […]

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