Feb 6 2010

Cloud Computing: Why Dropbox Rocks

This isn’t exactly a traditional article for a site that claims to write about netbooks, but considering the primary functions of netbooks – portability, accessibility, and convenience – I thought it would be worth writing about. If the number of computers you own is greater than one, read on.

Dropbox is one of many services that allow you to store your information online, a feat called cloud storage, which constitutes anything from that place you store those pictures of sexy wome – ahem – tax documents you don’t want your wife or kids finding, to¬†essentially becoming the online equivalent of your backup drive. Dropbox is also available for smartphones – a special, mobile-optimized version for Blackberries and an app for iPhones, though this isn’t the first¬†cloud app by Apple.

Where Dropbox rises head and shoulders above the crowd, though, is that while the actual storage is located or some remote server in a building somewhere, it’s also located as a physical folder on every machine that you’ve installed Dropbox on. A file dragged into this folder on one computer instantaneously exists not only on the cloud folder but also every other machine you have logged into Dropbox.

This is incredibly useful. Why? Start a paper on your desktop in the morning, continue on your netbook on the train, write the conclusion on your computer at work and finish editing on the train back. This is the future at work here, people.

Via Suntimes.com and TechCrunch

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