Feb 8 2010

IBM Makes 100 GHz Graphene Transistor

IBM might have fallen from the spotlight of  the computer world, but it remains an integral figure in its innovation.  And to prove this, behold: IBM has announced it successfully developed a graphene transistor that is clocked at an insanely fast 100 GHz.  Needless to say, this is the fastest transistor ever made and silicon might just have lost its spot as the number one semiconductor.

The best silicon transistors have only managed to make to 40 GHz, and it is becoming exceedingly difficult to continue down the current path without some sort of breakthrough.  It looks like graphene will be IBM’s answer to this dilemma and with good cause. Not only is it much faster, but IBM used the same silicon fabrication techniques in order to make it.  This removes a major hurdle to transitioning to graphene.

Still, this is only the early stages of the process. As with all technological breakthroughs, it will be some time before it trickles its way down to personal computing. Nevertheless, it has been a good week for technological breakthroughs.

Via Gizmodo

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