Feb 12 2010

Microsoft Office May be Available on the iPad

Just like the possibility of Bing on the iPhone, this is wrong on so many different levels. Microsoft is apparently considering releasing an iPad version of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is due out later this year. Mike Tedesco, Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager for the Macintosh business unit, said in an interview with Macworld that an iPad version of Office is something that Microsoft is seriously considering. This really isn’t too surprising, considering the hype surrounding the iPad. If the iPad is popular, Microsoft could potentially make quite a bit of money from selling Office.

It really depends on how Microsoft decides to price of iPad version of Office. Apple has an Office competitor called iWork that it will be selling for the iPad. Each component of iWork (there are three in all) will cost $9.99. Even if Microsoft is able to offer competitive pricing, will anyone actually want to buy Office for iPad? I know I certainly would not—I am still using Office 2004 on my Mac and when the time comes to upgrade, I plan on switching over to iWork.

Via TFTS, image via TFTS.

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