Feb 14 2010

Unanswered Questions about the iPad

Even though the iPad was introduced over two weeks ago, there are still unanswered questions concerning its features and capabilities. The following eight questions are, as of right now, unanswered by Apple, and very important for users considering purchasing an iPad.

1. Can you save and transfer documents on the iPad? The iPhone and iPad Touch do not allow the saving of documents (Apple says it isn’t allowed because of malware concerns). Considering that the iPad is a tablet, it should allow the user to download documents, edit them, save them, and send them. But we are currently not sure if this feature will be available because Apple has not said anything about it.

2. Will the iPad support Microsoft Exchange email? Exchange support would be an important feature to business users using the iPad as a substitute for their laptops on business trips. Apple has said that Gmail and Hotmail will work with the iPad’s Mail app, but Microsoft Exchange was not mentioned.

3. Will the iPad support VPN? VPN is incredibly important for businesses. If the iPad does not support it, businesses may not allow the iPad on their networks.

4. Will media services other than iTunes be compatible with the iPad? The iPad has huge potential as an entertainment device. Its screen will be big enough to watch a movie. But will it be compatible with streaming services aside from iTunes?

5. Will the iPad be able to be used for videoconferencing? It will not come with a camera, which is rather surprising. Even if you buy a camera, there is no guarantee that it will be able to be used in videoconferencing.

6. Will internal storage be upgradable? Of course, users will not be able to upgrade the iPad’s internal storage themselves. But will Apple allow authorized professionals to do it?

7. Will the iPad allow for multitasking? On the iPhone, more than one app cannot run at once (with the exception of Apple apps). Running multiple apps at a time would be useful on the iPad, but it is unclear if this feature will be available on the iPad.

8. Will Apple give Flash support to the iPad? I would love to see Flash support on the iPhone and iPad, but judging by Steve Jobs’ recent comments, I would say that this is very improbable.

Via MacVideo, image via Apple.

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  2. MleB said:

    Or you can just get a ‘real’ tablet computer (or even a netbook) and not worry about the above.

    February 15th, 2010 at 10:04 am


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