Feb 17 2010

Whole-Disk Encryption For Intel Atom Netbooks

People do a lot of work on their computers, and that means that a lot of sensitive information ends up being stored on them. People want at least basic security on their laptops and netbooks.

Secuware now offers C4KNetbook, a utility written from the ground up to enable transparent hard disk encryption on netbook-level processors. This particular encryption emphasizes processor I/O, which UK distributor Security IP claims will leave the machine performing at pre-encryption levels. However, it’s still FIPS 140-2 certified¬† – a standard for government and industry required encryption.

Now, most people won’t be rushing to the stores to pick up a copy of C4KNetbook (Approx. $70 on a one-off basis) any time soon, but public sector organizations might be lining up to get their hands on it in the near future. Most of their workers really only require a machine that will allow them to run email and maybe another business application or two, and laptops cost two to three times more than netbooks.

The information many companies deal in, however, is usually quite sensitive, so portables must often be FIPS-140-2 compliant. Unfortunately, C4KNetbook only runs on Intel Atom Processors right now, so it could be a while before we see large scale security-modules for netbooks.

Via PC World

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