Mar 8 2010

iPad Commercial Debuts During Oscars

The iPad is almost here. It has an official release date (April 3) and a pre-order date (the first day users will be allowed to pre-order the much-anticipated device will be March 12). Now, the iPad has a commercial.

The commercial debuted during the Oscars, which I didn’t watch (I know, I’m lame, but I was trying to make my way through the plethora of reading I’ve been assigned for my classes). If you missed the commercial, you can watch it here.

Yes, I know I expressed disappointment when Apple first announced the iPad. But it looks pretty amazing in the commercial (of course, Apple would go out of their way to make a product look amazing in a commercial so they can sell more).

Steve Jobs also reportedly made an appearance at the Oscars, as demonstrated in photographic evidence from a Twitter user.

Via PC Mag, image via Apple.

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