Mar 11 2010

JooJoo Tablet Packing A First-Gen ION Under The Hood

So the JooJoo, still proof that tablet makers need to think of better names, hit the FCC today, and we finally learned what exactly it is packing.  And if I dare say so – as a guy who has had little faith in the whole CrunchPad endeavor – it isn’t half bad, if a bit dated.  It carries an Intel Atom 270 with a first-generation Nvidia ION, explaining its 1080p and HD Flash playback.  3G support will be coming later this year, but details are still a little sketchy.

The news of an Nvidia ION means performance will likely not be an issue for an internet tablet, but battery life could easily be a problem.  This does after all have a massive 12.1” touchscreen with a fairly inefficient  processor.  Still, things have become interesting for a tablet that I had mostly written off as non-extraordinary and the $499 price-tag seems somewhat justified now.

Two more things: yes, that is indeed the JooJoo running Windows Vista in a test device, and the video format support list is very impressive compared to many other tablets.  It includes AVI, MPEG-4, MOV, WMV and WMA, FLV (Flash Video), VOB, OGG, OGM and OGV, MKV (Mastroska), DiVX and XViD.  We’ll see how well it actually fares once it starts shipping in a few weeks.

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