Mar 13 2010

AMD’s Fusion Chip Will Compete Against Intel’s Atom Processors

Intel Corporation is widely considered to be the technological giant regarding computer processors. However, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) plans on challenging Intel’s consistent dominance in the market.

With the recently announced development of the new “Fusion” chip designed for netbooks, we are led to believe AMD plans on making its mark by targeting the “portable computer” community.

The new chip offers a relatively normal TDP of 10- 15 watts as well as decent graphics performance without requiring a separate GPU. Most importantly, this chip will fit in a netbook with a screen less than 12 inches long.

Nigel Dessau, AMD’s senior vice president, said “It will have a good processor integrated with graphics, so you won’t need the Ion graphics to give it half-decent performance… If we’d had a part, we’d have been in this space. We didn’t have a part so we went and worked on a part for the thin and light space. The plan is to come to market next year with a Fusion part that fits it nicely in a netbook type thing.”
The Fusion chip will be available sometime next year, so unfortunately, we can only speculate on its performance now.

Via Nexus404.

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  1. AMD’s Fusion Chip Will Compete Against Intel’s Atom Processors | All Netbook News wrote:

    […] more from the original source: AMD’s Fusion Chip Will Compete Against Intel’s Atom Processors AKPC_IDS += "423,"; Share and […]

    March 13th, 2010 at 7:41 am
  1. used tires said:

    I think given the fact that the AMD’s will use the 32nm SOI process technology and the APU will be a more tightly integrated solution than just combining a CPU and a GPU, one can expect that number to hover around 30W. That’s still twice the amount of what the Dual Core D510 Processor offers but only a few watts more than the total TDP rating of the Pinetrail + Nvidia ION and possibly cost a fraction of the price.

    Till then,


    March 13th, 2010 at 10:00 am


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