Mar 27 2010

NVIDIA Behemoths Released To The Wild: The GeForce GTX 470 & 480

After a very long development process, plagued with manufacturing problems and hassles, NVIDIA finally managed to finish its first DirectX 11 capable graphics cards.  And there is one thing certain: if he was alive today and understood computer hardware, nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi would be proud to have the platform named after him.  The infamously long-in-development Graphics Fermi 100 (GF100) chips that started production in January this year have finally made their way onto the GeForce GTX 470 & 480 cards.

The results are incredible.  They soundly destroy their closest AMD/ATI competitor, the Radeon HD 5870, and elevate the bar to an insanely high standard. The most impressive component of this card is the Tessellation Engine, and its near-linear scaling bodies allow for a practically flawless SLI setup.  The 480 has 480 CUDA cores with 1536 MB of GDDR5 RAM, while the 470 has 448 cores and 1280 MB.

While this is all very impressive, one wonders if it is actually worth buying. The power consumption on the GTX 480 is an absolute disaster, after all, requiring a 600W PSU for a single card, and a minimum of a 1000W for SLI.  Power users might need to consider something on the order of a 1200W PSU. And there is still no word on OpenGL 4.0 support.  All this is coupled with the fact the 480 costs $500 and the 470 costs $350, meaning the HD 5870 is far from dead.  The Fermi line might need some work before it becomes practical for many people to use.  This card is more like the Intel Core i7 980X of graphics than anything else.

It will be out on April 12 for those who want to play Crysis while running up their energy bill.

Via DailyTech

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  1. NVIDIA Behemoths Released To The Wild: The GeForce GTX 470 & 480 | All Netbook News wrote:

    […] more from the original source: NVIDIA Behemoths Released To The Wild: The GeForce GTX 470 & 480 AKPC_IDS += "756,"; Share and […]

    March 29th, 2010 at 7:25 am
  1. DCBarth said:

    Ive been reading alot on the GTX 480 and i would defiantly have bought one if they were released along side of the ATI 5800 lineup, but was that the case no…it was 6 months later and for nvidia its a day to late and the majority of the market already has there next Gen DX11 cards on hand and prolly wont upgrade for a quite a while…and what is up with the outrageous power consumption, that is just ridiculous. I purchased a ATI Sapphire 5850 and it does everything i need it to do with games, i dont want to set world record benchmarks i just want to play my games without stuttering and the 5850 allows me to do that for $200 less then the GTX 480 and $50 less the the GTX 470. When the time comes ill crossfire the 5850 and it will be more then enough and it still wont require the 1000watt that is required to sli the GTX 480…so stick with ATI for the time being.

    March 28th, 2010 at 7:57 am


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