May 8 2010

Apple May Be Creating Flash Alternative

There has been quite a bit of tension between Apple and Adobe created by Steve Jobs’ dislike of Adobe Flash. Apple will not allow Flash support on its mobile devices and does not plan to anytime soon. According to some blogs, Apple is creating its own alternative to Flash, which certainly will not help Adobe-Apple relations.

The new technology is allegedly called Gianduia and was introduced last summer at a developer conference. It has been described as a way to make Internet apps.

Steve Jobs’ dislike of Flash is famous. He has condemned it in public many times, saying that it is unstable, does not support multitouch, presents security risks, and is the main reason that Macs crash. Though I have said that I would like to see Flash support on Apple’s mobile devices, I have to say that some of the problems I have had with my Mac have occurred when I was using Flash.

Via CBS News, image via Adobe.

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