May 13 2010

CherryPal Android-Based Asia Netbook to Ship for $99

Looks like CherryPal, a company that manufacturers ultra low-end computers, is releasing another laptop.  The new “Asia” netbook will cost $100, but buyer beware — you’ll get what you pay for.

Even though they are similarly priced, the 7″ CherryPal Asia netbook will be slightly better than the CherryPal Africa.  Asia will feature a 533MHz ARM A9 processor, 256MB of RAM, and 2 GB of storage space.  Not the most impressive tech specs, but on the bright side, the netbook will also have a decent number of USB slots, 3 to be exact.  The Asia netbook will run on the Android operating system and put a large emphasis on cloud computing.

There will also be a slightly more expensive model of the CherryPal Asia.  It’ll run for $148 and will have a [slightly larger] 10″ screen and webcam. No pictures are yet available for this netbook.

Via CrunchGear.


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