May 17 2010

Apple Preparing 24 Million iPhones

You can tell that it’s almost time for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference because of all the iPhone-related speculation in the tech blogosphere (Apple normally announces major iPhone updates at WWDC). The latest speculation concerning the next generation iPhone concerns how many units Apple plans to sell.

A report has said that Apple plans to ship 24 million units by the end of 2010: 4.5 million by the end of June and a further 19.5 million by December. This is a rather sudden upsurge, being that Apple has sold about 50 million iPhones since the introduction of the phone in 2007. The expected upsurge could be explained by a drastic price cut for the phone, which would encourage more people to buy it. Or, Apple could be planning to let companies other than AT&T carry the phone (though this is unlikely, at least in the short-term).

Apple plans to promote the next generation iPhone as an e-reader and encourage users to buy iBooks for it.

Via CNET, image via Gizmodo.

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