Dec 12 2009

HP’s MS214 All-In-One PC Delivers

This HP 18.5 inch all-in-one PC packs quite a punch for a compact computer. The PC offers more than the standard all-in-ones currently in the market.

For starters, it is one of the few all-in-one PC’s that have opted to use a 1.5GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 CPU rather than the Intel Atom processor. Another improvement is the computer’s super-sized memory and storage capacity. The MS214 comes equipped with 2 gigabytes of DDR2, twice the average amount. The PC’s storage capacity is just as high, with 300 GB of storage.

The HP MS214 also includes integrated wireless-n and gigabit LAN connectivity. Both of these greatly facilitate the transferring of files. Lastly, the PC is complete with the addition of a DVD burner.

The only pitfalls of this all-in-one PC are that it doesn’t offer any kind of touch screen capabilities and has a meager six USB ports, two of which will likely be hogged by a keyboard and mouse. Overall, HP’s all-in-one PC offers a lot of bang for $600 bucks.

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Aug 30 2009

Medion Multitouch All-in-One PC Struts Its Stuff

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The Medion X9613 multitouch all-in-one PC is one fine machine. Not only is it sleek in appearance, but it also packs some pretty decent hardware to back up its bold look.

In addition to the multitouch display, this 24″ machine has a mini SideShow screen, a large volume knob, and media controls along the bottom for easy navigation.

Hardware for the X9613 all-in-one include an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 processor and a GeForce GT240M graphics chipset.

Sadly, the price tag on this device is expected to fall between 1,499 and 1,900 Euros (roughly between $2,124 and $2,714 USD), but luckily, these US price estimates may sometimes fall on the high side. Click here to see a video.

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Aug 26 2009

Acer Veriton All-in-One PC to Debut

Nearly everything but the kitchen sink has been trying to steal the market back from netbooks, and Acer’s no deviant. Nettops and all-in-one PCs seem to be gaining ground on netbooks recently, and Acer is to debut its Veriton all-in-one PC (model number A280G-EA271CP).

This all-in-one will have an 18.5″ LCD display with 1366×768 resolution (1000:1 contrast ratio and 16:9 aspect ratio) and be powered by an Intel Atom ULV processor (that doesn’t need a fan). The OS on this machine will be Windows XP.

The dimensions of the Acer Veriton all-in-one PC are 19″ x 15″ x 2.14, making this device a space saver. Pricing starts at $499 for the base model.

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Dec 9 2009

The All-In-One HP Pro MS200 PC Laptop

HP revealed its Pro MS200 PC this Monday in hopes of reaching out to small business owners in need of more compact desktop computers. This all-in-one PC is perfect for the growing number of small businesses who are tight on space but still need the capability of a bulky desktop.

The PC is packaged as an 18.5 inch screen that houses a DVD player and webcam. The device is also appropriate for the environmentally conscious business, as it satisfies Energy Star 5.0 standards.

This isn’t HP’s only product aimed at the small business market. It has long created PCs, laptops, printers, scanners, fax machines and more for consumers in this market. Each of these business-oriented laptops and PC’s has been manufactured to be a perfect pairing for Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.

The features of the HP Pro MS200 are as follows:

  • DVD Burner
  • Webcam
  • Athlon dual-core processor
  • ATI Radeon 3200 graphics card
  • 250 GB hard drive
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.

The all-in-one PC will be priced from $699.

Via InformationWeek

Jun 13 2010

Tablet PC vs Netbook – Will the Tablet PC Replace Netbooks?

With Ipad sales breaching 2,000,000 units already the question must be asked, “Will the tablet PC replace the netbook in the future of small, portable computers?”

tabet vs netbook

One thing is certain, tablet PC’s and netbooks both have advantages and disadvantages over each other and do in-fact serve slightly different purposes. The tablet PC is built for content consumption and very light content creation. With it a consumer can read books, check and send e-mail, watch movies (even in HD), and play games. The netbook on the other hand is built for content creation as well as light content consumption. A standard windows operation system allows the netbook to create most content a standard laptop can create and edit.

Pricing is another factor worth considering. Netbooks can be purchased for $250 – $300 while Ipads are in the $500+ range. Those looking for a cheap mobile computer will have to spend about twice as much for the tablet PC unless prices come down.

In my opinion there will likely be a device in the future that is more content creation friendly than the Ipad but also has the content consumption features that make it appealing. I do not believe tablet PC’s will replace netbooks until a college student can realistically bring a tablet PC to school as an all-in-one solution for their computing needs.

Feb 4 2010

Multi-Touch Tablet and Netbook All-In-One By Lenovo

The S10-3t will function as a standard netbook, but users will also be able to pivot and fold the screen down, allowing them to use the device as a tablet as well. As demand for multi-touch support seems to be increasing these days, especially for tablet devices, the S10-3t also uses capacitive technology to offer multi-touch support. Lenovo is not the first company to release a convertible netbook, but it may be the first to release one that supports multi-touch technology.

The device itself comes with a full keyboard, 10.1″ screen with 1024 x 600 resolution, 3.5 hour battery life (optional six-cell battery provides approximately seven hours), 1GB of DDR2 memory and a 170GB, 5400rpm hard disk drive. Lenovo has not confirmed whether or not USB ports or a webcam will be present on the device, but rumors say they probably will.

Lenovo has cited the use of Windows 7 Starter Edition, which presumably does not offer touchscreen support. To compensate for this pitfall, the company has created its own multi-touch interface on the netbook, as well as included DirectShare, an app that allows users to sync their netbooks to PCs. An upgrade for the S10-3t is also underway, which you can read about here.

Features of the S10-3t, including ones mentioned above, are:

•    Processor — 1.66GHz Intel Atom N470
•    Chipset — NM10 I/O controller
•    Memory — 1GB of DDR2 RAM, expandable to 2GB
•    Display — 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen with 1024 x 600 resolution
•    Camera — n/s
•    Storage — 160GB, 5400rpm hard disk drive
•    Expansion:
•    2 x Mini PCI Express (1 likely filled by WLAN card)
•    Networking:
•    LAN — 10/100 Ethernet
•    WLAN — 802.11b/g/n
•    Other I/O — USB (presumed)
•    Battery — Three-cell or six-cell, with 3.5 or 7 hours of operation, respectively
•    Dimensions:
•    10.55 x 6.61 x 1.22 inches (268 x 168 x 31mm) with three-cell battery
•    10.55 x 6.61 x 1.45 inches (268 x 168 x 37mm) with six-cell battery
•    Weight:
•    2.42 pounds (1.1kg) with three-cell battery
•    2.64 pounds (1.25kg) with six-cell battery


The starting price for Lenovo’s new device is the same as the iPad: $500.

Via WindowsforDevices

Oct 19 2009

ASUS Plans Release of Eee PC T91MT Tablet Netbook

A new multi-touch netbook may be in the cards for manufacturer ASUS, whose line of Eee PCs has been tremendously influential in shaping the world of netbooks. The new machine, designated the Eee PC T91MT, is an update to the earlier Eee PC T91 and will implement improvements including a multi-touch touchscreen, Windows 7, and a boosted 32 GB SSD.

A larger Eee PC T10 touchscreen notebook has been delayed due to setbacks encountered by ASUS. The machine is tentatively expected by December, but I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed.

ASUS has been tremendously innovative in recent weeks, delivering a number of clever new machines. Let’s hope they keep up the good work.

Via TechSpot.

Apr 28 2009

Upcoming Averatec Notebook May Be Powered by Android

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Averatec has already entered the netbook market with the Averatec Buddy (released in 2008). It’s newest venture, which is to be a “merger of cell phone and PC technology,” is rumored to be a 10″ netbook powered by the Android operating system. The company CEO neither approves or denies rumors about the operating system of the new netbook, which is to be introduced into the market in either August or September of 2009.


Averatec’s overall goal is to sell products in three main market segments: 10″ netbooks, 12″ laptops, and all-in-one PCs.

Via SlashGear.

May 16 2010

Intel Atom N550 Dual-Core Processors to Come Later This Year

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The Intel Atom N550 will be one of the potential dual-core processors that Intel will be releasing, and the company’s current plans are to release it in the third quarter of 2010.  These powerful processors will not only be available for netbooks, but also for all-in-one PCs as well as other low-powered devices, such as ultraportables.

The Intel Atom N550 dual-core processor will come with a clock speed of 1.5GHz, 1 MB of L2 cache, and a couple of cores to support hyperthreading.  Thankfully, even though these processors will be more powerful, power consumption will be minimal.  In fact, they’re said to require less power than the standard Intel Atom N450 and Intel Atom N470 single-core chips.

Via UberGizmo.

Dec 6 2009

Acer Unveils First Multi-Touch Laptop

Acer recently showed us their new laptop with a multi-touch display. The Acer Aspire 5738PzG series gives us a 15.6 inch screen with a multitude of Windows 7 gestures that will be supported by the laptop. Because they also included an All-In-One PC featuring this multitouch technology, they decided to follow a minimulist design scheme, which comes with Microsoft’s TouchPack.

Their laptops will not only come loaded with Windows 7, but will have touchscreen support that allows users to perform simple everyday tasks like printing, sharing information, emailing, and taking pictures, all with simple gestures that better allow a user to interface with their devices. The laptops being a whole new definition to the words “user friendly.”

Via TechTree.

Feb 23 2010

Solving Your Netbook’s Software Problem

While they are at their core small computers, netbooks were made to have a slightly different function than their laptop predecessors. Laptops are frequently being built as substitutes for desktops for many common functions, and some are even advertised as such – remember that category called “desktop replacements”? Netbooks, however, seem to have taken up the niche that laptops used to fill – portable computing.

Like the laptops of old, netbooks tend to be underclocked, and their size generally allow for very limited storage and expansion space. There are programs available, however, that allow you to get just a little bit more utility out of your tiny netbook.

While I will always have fond memories of the Windows OS, I must admit that the Apple side is seductive, and their Dock does a great job of keeping programs I use all the time in such easy reach while keeping my desktop uncluttered. Rocketdock is a free program that adds a dock to any side of a netbook’s screen and adds utility to everyday use.

When I go online, I find that Google’s Chrome browser is a great performer on netbooks. It doesn’t use as much of the netbook’s limited resources, is quite fast, and is constantly being updated. If you have a touchscreen, you might want to look into getting ChromeTouch as well, which is an extension of the Chrome browse and adds touch control to the Chrome browser.

While you’re online, if you find an interesting site and bookmark it, Xmarks will keep your browser bookmark and site passwords in synch among multiple PCs. While there already exist other programs that do this, Xmarks stands out among the rest in that it works across browsers,  keeping Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer all synced among a network. And while many people are firm believers in AVG Free for protection, Microsoft Security Essentials takes away less from your netbook performance while still doing a good job of protecting your computer.

Depending on what you do with your netbook, some of these programs might not be right for you. There are a bunch of other programs out there of course, so with a little effort, I’m sure you can find a solution to whatever problem you have.

Via jkOnTheRun

Feb 11 2010

The Unassuming Power of the Lenovo T410 Laptop

The Lenovo T410 is like that mild-mannered reporter working in Metropolis. Under it’s common, unassuming chassis, the T410 hosts Intel‘s new Core i5 dual-core 2.53 GHz and a chipset that removes speed bottlenecks. When BusinessWeeks’s editor tested this laptop, it “took about half the time to download photos, music, and video as my six-month-old Sony (SNE) laptop, which has a comparable chip clock speed.”

With a 320 GB hard drive, 4 GB of RAM, and an Nvidia 3100M video card, the T410 has impressive hardware in its plain chassis. It comes with 4 USB ports, onboard SmartCard, multi-card, and ExpressCard reader technology, a DisplayPort, a VGA-Out, and a FireWire port, and of course, 802.11n wireless Bluetooth and GPS. All of this in one solid package for $1484 direct.

Via BusinessWeek and

Nov 11 2009

Best Buy Holiday List Includes Acer Aspire Laptop with Netbook Specs and Pricing

If you’re looking for a laptop that does all the basics and don’t want to shell out a buttload of dough, here’s some food for thought. This holiday season (actually, starting tomorrow) an Acer Aspire laptop will go on sale at Best Buy for a mere $249.

This Acer Aspire laptop will feature netbook-like specs, including an Intel Celeron 900 CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and a 160 GB hard drive. It’s price tag will also be comparable to that of a netbook, ringing in at $249. In addition to this Acer laptop, some other items on Best Buy’s holiday list will include 30+ laptops, six netbooks, 17 desktops, and four all-in-ones.

Via MaximumPC.

Nov 6 2009

ASUS Considers Fanless Laptop Prototype

ASUS is toying with a radical new laptop design that could permit their laptops to be built without any fan at all (though in some computers the processors already require no fan).

Through a special folding configuration and “thermal holes” that help draw air into the laptop, airflow is greatly increased even without a fan.  As a result, the laptop would require less energy, run more quietly, and trim down its frame a bit.

There is no news yet on when this technology would be released, what the laptop stats might be, or even what name ASUS is heralding the project by.  However, it appears to have great potential, if you don’t mind the squeaking as the laptop opens and closes – which surely is not an actual issue, but you can hear it in the video after the jump.


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Aug 19 2009

ASUS Touchscreen EeeTop ET2002T Nettop To Be Released in France

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So with the release of Windows 7 just around the corner, netbook manufacturers are taking advantage of introducing machines that utilize Intel Atom processors together with Nvidia Ion chipsets. Together, these chipset technologies would be able to provide end-users with a high-quality, low-power Windows 7 experience.

Let’s look at ASUS. The company has just introduced the EeeTop ET2002T, a 20″ touchscreen nettop with 1600×900 resolution. Initially showcased at Computex 2009, this machine is powered by a dual-core  1.6GHz Intel Atom 330 CPU and has 2 GB of RAM and a 250 GB (5400RPM) hard drive.

Other tech specs of this machine include Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi (b/g/n), a card reader, four USB 2.0 ports, and an HDMI connector.

Since the Nvidia Ion chipset will be part of this nettop package, the system may be shipped with a choice of Windows Vista as the OS. There may also be the chance to upgrade this OS to Windows 7 when it is released.

ASUS will be offering the nettop as a bundle that includes a wireless keyboard and mouse. The price tag for this nettop bundle, you ask? €598, or $845.

Via Softpedia.

Image via GadgetBlogIT.

Jul 6 2009

Whoa…a Netbook TV?

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What a great idea! And so convenient too.

The 22″ and 32″ Bristol ViewSurfer PCs/TVs are all-in-one media centers. With FreeView TV tuners and integrated netbook parts, these machines can function as both a TV and as a netbook.

These ViewSurfers are powered by Intel Atom processors, run on the Windows XP operating system, and have 1 GB of memory and a 160 GB hard drive. They also have four USB ports.

Sounds great right? Well…the package lacks integrated Wi-Fi. So for the meantime, users won’t be able to surf the web wirelessly, but rather must surf through an Ethernet connection. Also, the TV functions in complete isolation from the “netbook,” so users won’t be able to digitally record any movies or tv shows.

The 22″ model costs £500 (about $814), has a screen resolution of 1680×1050, and comes with Intel’s 945GSE graphics chipset. There are currently no details about the 32″ model, but not to worry. When we hear anything, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Via Engadget.

May 31 2009

Microsoft To Showcase Four Operating Systems at Computex 2009

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Microsoft is planning on displaying four operating systems at the Computex trade show next week – Windows 7, Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, and Windows Server.

Windows 7:


Windows Embedded:


Windows Mobile:


Windows Server:


The newest Windows operating systems would be displayed on a variety of computing devices, including netbooks, notebooks, tablets, and all-in-one PCs. At Computex, Microsoft is planning on collaborating with 16 PC manufacturers and run their operating systems on more than 30 products.

One reason Microsoft is doing all this is to make up for its not-so-successful release of Windows Vista back in 2005. Microsoft also hopes that by releasing Windows 7, there will be an increase in hardware upgrades as well as the creation of business opportunities.

Via TaipeiTimes.

May 16 2009

ECS Delivers Green Netbook Chips At Computex 2009

Elitegroup Computer Systems is set to display its new product lines at Computex Taipei 2009, and netbooks are on the agenda.

ECS will be displaying a new series of AMD and Intel CPU motherboards, including the P55H-A, A785GM-M, and A790GMX-AD3. The new motherboards are adaptable to both ATI and NVIDIA graphics, and ECS will be releasing its own graphics card line as well: the “Black (high performance), Green (environment friendly) and Silent (home entertainment) Series,” set to please a whole variety of users.

The company’s environmental policy, “Protect the Earth & Enrich Life,” is being implemented in a variety of new products:

“ECS features green PCB, low power consumption, space saving and carbon reduction through a series of smart designs of notebook, netbook, All-in-one and small-form-factor desktop systems in Computex. ECS also presents its advanced wireless WiMAX handheld devices in the up coming trade show.”

We’re definitely pumped to see what this means for netbooks.

Via itVARNews.

Mar 20 2009

Cheap and Effective Netbook Accessories By Targus

Targus is stepping into the netbook market with a horde of new accessories to max out your computing potential.

Via Targus.

Via Targus.

Their all-in-one kit includes a few pieces that may just be crucial for netbooks. The first is a 10.2? Slipskin Peel Mini-Notebook neoprene sleeve, which will add a bit of protection for your diminutive machine. Also included are an Ultra Mini retractable optical mouse, which should help take the strain off hands struggling to endure hours of touchpad use, and a small 4-port USB hub.

The best part of the Targus netbook accessory kit is the price, at 39.99 MSRP. Targus’ website has all the juicy details, so take a look!

If you are in the mood for something more exotic, be sure to feast your eyes on the MIMO Companion netbook touchscreens or the plenitude of fancy accessories from ASUS.

Via GottaBeMobile.

Jan 5 2009

New Lenovo Laptops, Desktops, And Facial Recognition In The S10

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Lenovo put out some big news today: its newest netbook, the Lenovo Ideapad S10, will be getting a snazzy upgrade. The changes start with a slight screen-size increase: 10.2 inches from the previous 10. It will come with LenovoSocial, a suite designed for “social networking enthusiasts.”

The biggest news, however, is the inclusion of VeriFace facial recognition technlogoly and a multi-touch trackpad. It’s expected this March at around $349, and will come in black, white, red, blue, or pink.

Lenovo is known for pushing the envelope in its efforts for thinner and more stylish technology. The new facial recognition and HD entertainment features added to recent updates give consumers something new to play with and another reason to choose Lenovo over the competition. The new IdeaPad laptops – the thin 16-inch IdeaPad Y650, the Ideapad Y550 and Y430, and the thinnest all-in-one desktop, the IdeaCentre A600.

By delving into social networking Lenovo continues to make moves enhancing the Ideapad S10 and the whole Ideapad line.

Ideapad S10

The senior VP of Lenovo, Liu Jun, has high goals. “With the launch of our global consumer Idea brand a year ago, we’ve shown the world that PC technology can be powerful and beautiful… This year, we will keep pushing the limits of good design, balancing form and function, as you’ll see exhibited in our super-thin, 16-inch laptop and all-in-one desktop. This unique blend of design and engineering sets us apart from competitors and gives consumers a new kind of entertainment and computing experience.”

The IdeaPad Y650, Y550, and Y450 laptops as well as the S10 netbook will be available in March. The suggested retail pricing (MSRP) for these began at “$1,199 for the IdeaPad Y650, $829 for the IdeaPad Y550 and Y450, and $349 for the IdeaPad S10 netbook.”

The IdeaCentre A600 will be out this April with MSRP starting at $999.

Via Engadget.


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