Jun 18 2009


Today’s Asker has a few things in mind when looking for a new netbook. Are matte screens good at reducing glare? Which netbooks work well outdoors? And are antimicrobial keyboards unhealthy?

I think I’ve got the answers to a few of these questions and more, so if you’re interested, come check out ASK NBB #6: Choosing A New Netbook!

Super clean keyboard

Picture via Shopakos.

Jun 10 2009

Antimicrobial Keyboards For The Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook

Agion Technologies, a leader in silver-based antimicrobial solutions, announced that it is partnering with Dell to bacteria-proof the Dell Latitude 2100. The Latitude is designed for use by kids, but the announcement is surely aimed at their worrisome parents.

Dell Latitude 2100

Apparently, Agion did a consumer study showing that school and office products were an arena in which consumers would like antimicrobial protection. According to Paul Ford of Agion, this is a pretty big deal:

“Agion antimicrobial protected keyboards from Dell will be an essential asset to classrooms… Dell is truly on the forefront of the industry as the first computer manufacturer to recognize the market need and offer antimicrobial protection on the Latitude 2100.”

While a press release announced that the Latitude 2100 would be “the world’s first netbook computer with Agion antimicrobial protected keyboards,” antimicrobial keyboards aren’t new to netbooks: Samsung did it with the NC310. If there’s a niche for germophobic netbook consumers out there, the new products will come.

Check back for more on germ-fighting netbooks, and as always, type safely.


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