May 17 2010

New iPhone Features Revealed

Apple is usually so good at keeping secrets, so this news is rather surprising to hear: a blogger in Vietnam has leaked images and product details concerning Apple’s upcoming iPhone 4G. The phone is due to be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference from June 7 to June 11.

New features include a camera in front, metallic buttons, and a higher resolution screen. Video chat will also be available on this phone. The first leaks concerning the new phone were reported by Gizmodo, which ended up getting it in trouble with Apple legally. (Good luck to Apple being able to take legal action against the blogger in Vietnam.)

It is still unclear if the iPhone will continue to be carried exclusively by AT&T or if Apple will work out a deal with Verizon sometime in the future.

Via QuickPWN, image via QuickPWN.


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