Feb 11 2010

The iPad: Apple’s Answer to Netbooks

Given the obvious lack of an external keyboard and trackpad, it might be easy to say that Apple’s iPad is a separate, stand-alone device, trailblazing through unknown territory. On the other hand, if given only the specs of said device, one might draw the conclusion that Apple finally decided to make a net-Macbook.

Rafe Needleman stated it best when he wrote, ” [The iPad] is clearly Apple’s answer to the Netbook, not a play to breathe life into the 10-years dead tablet market. The iPad is cheaper than a standard Mac, does less, and is easier to maintain than a full-on Mac. These are the same selling points you get from Netbook makers. Sure, they’ll say, a Netbook does less than a full Windows laptop, but it’s only $399.”

There will definitely be a bunch of people that say that an iPad is an iPad is an iPad, and that we’re just projecting our opinions on the subject. It’s an easy statement to make given that the iPad looks totally different from all other netbook designs out there. Then again, Apple has shown us time and again that it’s not a traditional PC company.

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Nov 30 2009

CrunchPad Tablet Netbook Rumored to Crumble Under High Costs and Repeated Delays

Yep, that’s right. The sleek prototype of a tablet/netbook device is experiencing higher-than-expected production costs and repeated delays, which are rumored to lead to its demise. Earlier, this year, Michael Arrington had said the CrunchPad tablet netbook would be ready for sure by the end of this year, but sadly, the device’s release deadlines have already been passed multiple times. Last we heard, it was supposed to be available in late July or early August.

The proposed price of the CrunchPad tablet netbook had originally been rumored to range from $200 to $400, but seems like the feasibility of the product is coming to an end. Perhaps there’ll be more luck with Apple’s rumored tablet netbook device. Either way, it doesn’t keep the CrunchPad from being named to Popular Mechanics’ 10 most brilliant products of 2009 list.

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Aug 28 2009

Yet Another Apple Touchscreen Tablet Rumor

There hasn’t been a good rumor in a while about the upcoming Apple touchscreen tablet, but here’s one that seems pretty juicy. The Apple tablet might come in 13″ and 15″ models, in addition to the original 10″ model, and one of the larger model may run on a full Mac OS.

The 13″ and 15″ tablet models are only prototypes for now, but they’re made of aluminum and in the shape of large iPhones. When they were spotted in a factory in China, one of them “was running MAC OS X 10.5.”

Well, that’s all for this rumor, but when we get wind of anything else about Apple’s upcoming/rumored devices, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Aug 25 2009

Steve Jobs Hovers Around Production of Apple Tablet/Netbook

There haven’t been many juicy rumors about Apple’s latest (unrevealed) device floating around lately, but this following quip of news may nonetheless prove interesting.

Coming back from his leave of absence, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has begun micromanaging every last detail regarding the production of the Apple tablet/netbook.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Jobs is intimately involved in every aspect of production (design, marketing, etc. – you name it) and has already killed two iterations of this highly-anticipated device.

While nearly every other aspect of the Apple device is just rumor, one thing’s for sure – there will indeed be A device, regardless of what it is. And it’s pretty certain to be a touchscreen. Other than that, we’ll just have to endure the long and gruesome wait to see what Apple has in store for us.

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Aug 13 2009

Apple Tablet Netbook Rumored To Be Available In 2 Editions

The latest rumor on the block is that Apple will be releasing their tablet/netbook device with two versions: one with a webcam and one for educational use.

The device would be something between an iPod/iPhone and a Macbook. Pricing is currently rumored to be between $700 and $900, more than double that of most standard netbooks.

There is also a floating rumor that in order to make up for the relatively high price tag, the Apple tablet/netbook may be able to be used as a secondary screen/touchpad for iMacs and MacBooks.

You never know what Apple will cook up, so keep your eyes open and your ears peeled for exciting news about this upcoming rumored device!

Via BusinessInsider.

Aug 10 2009

What The Apple Tablet Netbook Might Look Like

Despite Apple’s insistence that the device doesn’t exist, analyst after analyst is throwing in a new opinion about what the Apple netbook/tablet/iPad/MacPad/iTablet is going to look like. One reporter from Barron’s even said he’d gotten his hands on one, and that “it’s better than the average movie experience, when you hold this thing in your hands.”

Here’s one projection of what we’ll see if Apple steps up and does this netbook thing:

Apple iPad

Pretty nice, I’ll admit. But is this all heresay?

Before you make your final decision, be sure to take a look at what we’ve written since the mythical Apple netbook reared its head ages ago.

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Aug 7 2009

Apple Tablet/Netbook to Boost Company’s Annual Sales By $1.2B

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Apple may be able to increase its overall sales by $1.2 billion next year if their planned tablet/netbook is successfully released. If the company sells 2 million netbook units at a price of $600 each, it would add roughly 3 percent to revenue, according to Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst in Minneapolis, MN.

Since Apple’s new tablet/netbook would offer a much larger screen than its current iPhone, consumers may also pick on up for its electronic-book reader capabilities. While the tablet would be about twice the price of a Kindle, it would also have the standard netbook capabilities, such as working with documents, surfing the Internet, and watching movies.

Munster says, “We believe Apple’s tablet would compete well in the netbook category though it would not be a netbook.” The device is expected to be released in early 2010.

Via Bloomberg.

Image via Innosight.

Aug 2 2009

Apple Tablet / Netbook? MacBook Touch? iTablet? Who Knows?

So of course there’s all this hype about the new tablet/netbook that Apple is coming out with, but with all these rumors floating around, who knows exactly what it’ll actually turn out to be? Now there’s even a new name for the device…the iTablet. But who knows whether this will be the name of the final product or not?

Anyhoo, the iTablet is rumored to be priced around $699-$799. It’s also rumored to have the competition halting to scratch their heads to think about what Apple is actually manufacturing. Another rumor on the street is that Acer/Asus have stopped netbook production until 2010.

As we said, who knows what Apple’s coming up with these days and who knows which rumors are even slighlty true. As soon as we find out anything though, you can be sure that we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Jul 28 2009

Flaws With the Apple Tablet/Netbook? What Do You Think?

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So, for those diehard Mac fans, they’ll no doubt flock to the nearest electronics store to be the first ones to get their hands on the tablet/netbook that Apple is releasing in early 2010. For the rest of us though, is there really anything that would make us choose the Apple tablet/netbook over a regular netbook?

For starters, the price tag of Apple’s new tablet doesn’t help the situation. These tablets will cost roughly $800 a pop, about $500 more than the average/standard netbook, which costs roughly $300. And what’s so special about this netbook that it would cost us an extra 500 bones?

Yes, (video) gaming may be a more pleasurable experience on an Apple tablet since Apple in general has awesome graphics, but the touchscreen may provide somewhat of a hindrance.

Some people are quite unsatisfied with gaming on the touchscreen iPhone and if it is to work the same  way with the Apple tablet, there will no doubt be unsatisfied consumers.

Another point of concern is how one is to type on an Apple tablet. The keyboard is on the screen, so what angle would be most comfortable for simultaneously typing and viewing the screen? Would you have to put the netbook in your lap? Type with one hand? Something else? This leaves some room for questions…

It’s rumored that with this tablet, Apple may be taking a stab at the Kindle. Unlike the Kindle though, the Apple tablet has an LCD screen, which, for most people, is harder to read than eInk or just regular ink. It’s also more straining on the eyes.

In defense of Apple’s upcoming tablet though, the Apple iPhone is an awesome compact device. It’s so convenient and user-friendly, not to mention unique and aesthetically-pleasing. So why would we expect anything less with Apple’s upcoming tablet?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out. In the meanwhile, be sure to stay tuned to our site for the latest updates on this new netbook.

And feel free to leave any comments on what you think about shelling out an extra $500 for Apple’s new netbook (or just any thoughts on the Apple tablet/netbook in general). We’d love to hear from you.

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Image from LECentre.

Jul 25 2009

Apple Netbook Rumor: Release Date Changed to Early 2010

Ah, poor Apple fans. First, the controversy about if Apple is even planning on releasing a netbook at all and now the release date pushback.

Well, the latest rumor is that the release for the Apple tablet will be in early 2010. Steve Jobs is finally satisfied with the prototype and there’s an internal go-ahead for production.

Rumored tech specs for this Apple tablet include a 10″ screen, 3G data, and a custom ARM processor. Apple claims that they had considered the Intel Atom processor before finally settling on ARM instead. AppleInsider claims that the new Apple tablet would have functionality between that of an iPhone and a notebook.

Be sure to keep posted to our site for the latest updates on the MacBook Touch. You never know when Apple will change their release date yet again or if they’ll come up with some other unique functionality or design for their touchscreen netbook.

Via Engadget.

Jul 22 2009

Chinese PC Maker Mass Produces Hackintosh Netbooks

We’ve seen some pretty clever Hackintosh netbooks before, but now a Chinese PC maker is actually mass-producing 8.9-inch netbooks with an Apple logo on the lid.


However, the chances of Apple being connected to the machine are just about absolutely zero. It runs an ARM CPU and either Windows CE or Linux as an OS, and sells for around $200. It’s got a Windows key on the keyboard, as well as a tiny right-Shift by the up arrow.

The netbook could get up to 7 hours of battery life through the 3-cell battery, as ARM machines run on low power.

The new netbook is yet another comical reminder of Apple’s frustrating refusal to join the netbook market. Come on Steve, we know you’re just holding out on us to keep the suspense going!

Via Shanzai.

Jul 17 2009

Analysts: Apple Needs A Netbook

Apple Logo

Gartner and IDC are pointing out that Apple is lagging behind competitors HP, Dell, and Toshiba, partly due to its lack of a netbook competitor on the market. This week’s report by IDC claims Apple will be in 5th place this quarter, with 1.21 million units sold.

Apple got fourth place with 1.4 million units in Gartner’s estimation. Analysts are suggesting that Apple isn’t ranked better because it doesn’t have an inexpensive offering for netbook consumers.

In April, Apple CFO Tim Cook told analysts that netbooks are “not a segment [Apple] would choose to play in.” An IDC analyst says this might be a mistake – the netbook market has exploded due to a market of budget buyers seeking relief from the economic downturn. Bob O’Donnell told the Associated Press how this relates to Apple:

“People are focused on $600, $700 notebooks… Guess what Apple doesn’t have: any notebook below $999.”

Via eWeek.

Jul 14 2009

Apple Netbook/Tablet Rumored to Be Released in October

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The buzz about Apple’s new netbook/tablet has picked up again and we’re here to let you know the latest deets.

The company is rumored to be releasing their new netbook-like device in October of 2009 with a price tag of roughly $800. Info Times has reported that Apple has placed netbook-related orders to three Taiwanese companies (Foxconn, Wintek, and Dynapack).

According to a translated Chinese text at MacRumors, Wintek will provide a 9.7″ touchscreen for the netbook and Foxconn will be manufacturing the device. According to tech blog Venture Beat, Apple is rumored to be using PA Semiconductor chips for this new netbook.

There is no doubt that Apple’s netbook/tablet will be spectacular. Having already scorned the basic netbook, (the CEO labeled netbooks as “junky”), Apple must have some neat stuff up its sleeve for its newest creation.

One rumor is that the Apple netbook will be able to support high-definition graphics. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Steve Jobs has been supervising this effort.

We’ll have the latest news about Apple’s new netbook/tablet as soon as it comes out, so stay tuned to learn more about this extraordinary device.

Via TechTree.

Image via PCInpact.

May 18 2009

Hackintosh Netbook Demoted To Pet Webcam

While many have extolled the virtues of Hackintosh netbooks, not everybody exalts them so. While Brian Chen of Wired likely struggled long and hard to mod his Hackintosh, he’s finally retired it (after 6 months of use) to the quiet life of a pet webcam.

Deeming the Hackintosh impractical, he decided it would be better suited to monitoring his “five-week-old kitten Cuddy” using a $5 iPhone app – iCam – allowing him to remotely access the camera feed. And while hundreds of netbookers are out there struggling to hack MSI Wind netbooks to run Mac OS X, Chen is busy spying on his cat.

Hey, if it works, it works. Now will Apple hurry up with its netbook already?

Via Wired.

May 7 2009

Psystar To Deliver Controversial Mac OS X Netbook

A new Apple netbook rumor is surfacing, but it’s not repeating the same dead-horse arguments we’ve seen turned down all too often. See, the rumored Apple netbook isn’t going to be made by Apple – rather, it will supposedly be made by its controversial rival Psystar. What?

In case you’re confused, here’s ZDNet Asia’s summary of the Psystar-Apple controversy:

“Psystar emerged a year ago as a small independent system builder, the likes of which can be found in any medium-sized town in the United States. What provoked the interest and ire of the Mac community was Psystar’s decision to ship so-called “white box” systems with Mac OS preinstalled alongside systems with Windows Vista and Linux, in defiance of Apple’s licensing policies for that operating system.”

Psystar has continued to deliver its Mac OS X compatiable machines with little regard for Apple’s ire.

Psystar Logo

However, that’s not the end of the story. One curious onlooker asked psystar if it would deliver a Mac OS netbook in the near future and the answer – lo and behold – was a simple ‘yes.’

While a new Psystar mobile computer could just be an update of their laptop line, there’s no doubting that a miniature version would scoop up sales from Apple fanboys and netbook lovers alike. Apple’s neglect of the netbook market has earned it a lot of critics, some of whom may be looking for a new Apple device that’s cheaper than a Macbook.

The story is just beginning to heat up, so as soon as we hear more about a Psystar Mac OS X machine we’ll deliver the news.

Via MacRumors.

May 3 2009

Apple Takes A Stab At The Netbook Market

Apple may not be delivering the netbook we’ve begged it for for so long, but one recent rumor over at AppleInsider is hinting that perhaps Apple will cater to the netbook-purchasing consumer category in a different way.

“Consumers in the coming months can look forward to more affordable versions of both the 13-inch MacBook and iMac, according to people who’ve proven extremely reliable in predicting Apple’s future business directions. The MacBook — which currently starts at US$999 when fitted with a previous-generation polycarbonate enclosure and $1299 in an aluminum unibody casing — is the bestselling Mac in terms of volume. The iMac is the most popular Mac desktop.

It’s believed that the first batch of more affordable Macs could turn up as early as this spring.”

This means that Jobs won’t have to sacrifice the luxury image of Apple with a whole new device. By cutting costs on some tried-and-true setups like the iMac and Macbook it can start taking back budget buyers, yet feel free to keep coming out with top-of-the-line devices like the iPhone and iPod that define its current user base.

Via PCWorld.

Apr 20 2009

Foxconn Rumored To Produce Apple Netbook

Foxconn, the manufacturer thought to be producing the upcoming Nokia netbook, is rumored to be helping Apple with its fabled netbook as well.

While accuracy is never a strong suit in reports of Apple netbook developments, the report from Asia notes that Foxconn already makes Apple’s iPhone 3G.

If you’re interested, take a gander at our archives on the unfolding of plans for the rumored Apple netbook here.

Via BrightHand.

Apr 13 2009

Is the Apple Netbook Closer Than We Thought?

Apple has been waiting it out to see if the trend of netbooks would become popular.  Fortunately for the company, the popularity of netbooks has recently increased. As a result, Apple may be soon breaking into this market. The company has been rumored to be designing a product that is larger than the current iPod Touch and iPhone but smaller than their current laptops…perhaps something along the lines of a netbook!


While generally, Apple products tend to be pricier than those of its competitors, the company has a large fan base, as its products have a unique design and are easy to use. Following the trend of Apple’s past pricing strategy, it is rumored that if Apple does produce and release netbooks, they may not be as cheap as the current netbook offerings by competitors such as Acer, Dell, and LG.

Via ChannelWeb.

Mar 30 2009

Russian Magazine Announces MacBook Mini Netbook

…and the rest of us sigh with disappointment. But before I break your heart, take a look at this beauty:

According to one Russian magazine, this device is the new ‘MacBook Mini’, a long-rumored device closely tied in to the Apple netbook rumors we’ve seen so often.

The rumored (and probably photoshopped) Apple netbook was reported by the magazine to have a “10.4 inch WXGA display, Intel Atom CPU, NVIDIA GPU, 64GB SSD, 2GB RAM and Wi-Fi.” It is said to be hitting the market in 2009 for a hefty $899.

Should we give the rumored netbook much attention? Probably not. The Apple netbook concept is rife with rumors and hearsay, and notorious for false alarms and red herrings. However, on the off-chance that this thing is legit, a whole lot of netbookers and Mac fans are going to be extremely happy.

Via I4U.

Mar 22 2009

LG To Make Apple Netbook Displays

The rumored Apple netbooks are getting some more press. The latest announcement is that LG, creators of the LG-X110 and LG-X120 netbook, will be making OLED displays for the (hopefully) upcoming device. Could this news conflict with reports that Apple would be getting its screens from Taiwan?

OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes, exploit the natural glowing of some organic compounds with electrical current run through them. Without  a backlight, individual pixels provide the lighting for the device. The Apple netbooks will incorporate the OLED displays in order to get thinner and lighter screens, whose colors are more brilliant.

OLED diagram (HowStuffWorks)

Not only will the LG OLED displays be put into the possible Apple netbook – the next gen versions of the iPhone and iPod touch will use them too.

This development is quite exciting, but remember: we can’t say much about the veracity of this report just yet, as the Apple netbook itself is unconfirmed. Keep your fingers crossed, ladies and gentlemen.

Via BrightHand.


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