Mar 28 2010

Apple Online Store Goes Down

Earlier today, the unthinkable happened to the online Apple store: it went down, probably for maintenance.

No one is sure what sort of maintenance the store needed (assuming that the reason for its going down was maintenance). The iPad is going to be released in less than a week now and there is speculation that Apple was updating its site in preparation for the launch. There have also been rumors (unconfirmed, of course) that Apple is going to update its MacBook and MacBook Pro computer lines.

There was also speculation that Apple was updating its site in preparation for the launch of a new product, but this is unlikely, since the weekend is not the optimal time to announce something new. Apple most likely was updating the website with iPad-related information.

At the time of this writing, the store is currently online and appears to be working properly.

Via TopNews, image via Apple.

Mar 17 2010

Apple To Stop Selling Screen Protectors

No screen protector for you!

According to the website iLounge, Apple is planning to ban the sale of all protective screen film products in both its online and retail stores starting in May. Screen protectors are some of the most popular third-party products that Apple sells. The ban will affect both screen protectors sold alone and products that include screen protectors and applies to all Apple product lines.

The most popular iPhone and iPod cases contain anti-glare film, so this is certainly not due to lack of popularity. Analysts have speculated that Apple is banning screen protectors to promote the durability of their screens.

Screen protectors will still be available elsewhere, so Apple’s move remains puzzling. My guess is that iPhone and iPod Touch users will continue to use screen protectors (though they really are not needed) and buy them elsewhere. Apple is only hurting itself with this move because it will be losing sales.

Via CNET, image via Apple.


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