Jan 27 2010

Apple iPad Hardware Revealed

Apple TabletThe much anticipated Apple Tablet, now officially iPad, was announced this morning by Steve Jobs. The full specifications list known thus far shows some of the previous rumors were right, while others are very surprising.

The focal point of the iPad of course is the screen, and it is packing a 9.7″ IPS display, which is a type of TFT LCD allowing for a wide angle of view. It will support up to 1024×768 resolution and will output 480p through composite video. Naturally, the iPad is inheriting a full capacitive-touch screen from it’s smaller counterpart, the iPhone.

A lot of the other features derive from the iPhone as well: Bluetooth 2.1, 802.11n WiFi, accelerometer, speaker, microphone, etc. However one truly new component is the custom processor being used for the iPad: the “Apple A4”. It is a 1.0 GHz CPU able to decode HD video and maintain a 10-hour battery-life, blowing the Tegra and Snapdragon out of the field in terms of efficiency.

The final component is the iPad’s network support. While WiFi will be standard for all iPads, there will be optional 3G provided, with AT&T being the preferred provider.  This gives the option of mobile web to iPad users should they pay the extra premium.  More details on pricing ahead.

Via Gizmodo, image via Apple

Jan 27 2010

McGraw-Hill CEO Speaks Freely About Apple Tablet

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With tomorrow being heralded across the blogosphere as one of the most momentous potential product announcements of all time, a bit of a surprise occurred during a CNBC interview. The surprise was not so much what was being revealed as it was who was the one revealing it. Howard McGraw III, CEO of the famous textbook maker and financial company McGraw-Hill, confirmed everyone’s assumptions about tomorrow’s announcement while being interviewed by CNBC’s Erin Burnett:

Yes, they’ll make their announcement tomorrow on this one [tablet]. We have worked with Apple for quite a while. And the Tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system and so it will be transferable.

This essentially seems to be a guarantee that the Apple Tablet will be similar to a larger iPod touch. Also he stated McGraw-Hill has big plans to send its library over to whatever app store would come with the tablet. Now all that is left to do is wait for Jobs to deliver the final announcement tomorrow.

Via Gizmodo, image via Slashgear

Jan 27 2010

Apple Needs to Revamp iTunes

We are still awaiting the announcement of Apple’s tablet (Apple is on Pacific Time, keeping the rest of the United States eagerly awaiting this morning) which, according to McGraw-Hill, will run off of an iPhone-based operating system. This probably means that the tablet will integrate with iTunes.

Which brings us to an important point: Apple needs to rebuild iTunes. Yes, it is a good application, but it could be better. It uses a lot of processing power and takes forever to load on Windows (and even sometimes on Macs, or at least my Mac). It’s time for a complete revamp of iTunes. It’s slow and bloated and apparently isn’t even making any money—Apple is breaking even on the iTunes store.

Apple needs to introduce a streaming music service. It has the capability because of its acquisition of Lala, a streaming music service Apple acquired in late 2009. An Apple streaming music service could help combat illegal music downloads. Right now, an astounding 95 percent of all music downloads are illegal, according to the head of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

The Apple event today should focus on more than just introducing the tablet. Hopefully an iTunes revamp will be mentioned as well.

Via Wired, image via Apple.

Jan 27 2010

Apple to Announce Tablet

According to the CEO of McGraw-Hill, Apple is going to announce its tablet, the subject of innumerable rumors these past few months, on Wednesday of this week. Apple itself is always quite tight-lipped about upcoming products and has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of the tablet. Apple has allegedly been in talks with McGraw-Hill and other publishing companies.

In an interview with CNBC, the CEO said that Apple would “make their announcement tomorrow”—that is, January 27. He also said that the tablet will be based on the iPhone’s operating system and will be “just really terrific.”

The tablet has been highly anticipated and Apple’s event should prove to be interesting.

Via PC World, image via The Apple Collection.

Jan 25 2010

Apple Allegedly in Talks with McGraw-Hill, Others

According to some sources, Apple has had talks with McGraw-Hill, Hearst Corp., and Hachette Book Group about potential content for the Apple tablet. The talks with Hearst were focused on offering magazine content on the tablet,  and the talks with McGraw-Hill were geared towards offering electronic textbooks on the tablet, according to anonymous sources. Another anonymous source said that the talks with Hachette involved discussion about e-books.

The tablet, which is to be announced this week, is expected to have e-reader capabilities and therefore offer competition to Amazon’s Kindle. McGraw-Hill, Hearst, and Hachette have all declined to officially comment about the alleged talks, but an official at the publisher John Wiley & Sons has said that his company did hold talks with Apple. He declined to comment specifically about the tablet.

Apple has been interested in educational content for some time now. Apple products are very popular at universities, and Apple has offered education discounts to students and faculty for years.

Via BusinessWeek, image via Coated.

Jan 21 2010

Is Verizon Ready for the Apple Tablet?

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Nothing definite about Apple’s upcoming device is known yet due to Apple’s secrecy about the project. Apple has thus far neither confirmed nor denied any rumors, at least not explicitly. The latest question being asked about the tablet is whether it will be able to connect to cellular networks, and if these networks are ready for a possible influx of data from the tablet.

The iPhone, which uses AT&T’s network, demonstrates how the popularity of one device can burden a cellular network. The AT&T network has been burdened by the iPhone, and the iPhone probably does not transmit as much data as a tablet could.

The tablet is expected to have WiFi capabilities, which will ease the burden on a cellular network. Letting the tablet work at WiFi hotspots could redirect a lot of traffic. Also, the tablet is less likely to be as popular as the iPhone because of its higher price.

Verizon says that its network is more dependable than AT&T’s. This remains to be seen, especially since Verizon does not have a device comparable to the iPhone on its network.

Via The Wall Street Journal, image via Verizon.

Jan 19 2010

New York Times May Partner with Apple

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A mere nine days remain until Apple’s special event on January 27, when Apple is expected to launch its much-anticipated tablet. Naturally, rumors about the tablet are spreading like wildfire.

One of the latest rumors says that The New York Times will soon offer some sort of subscription service for its website and plans partner with Apple to offer content Apple tablet users. There is speculation that The New York Times is planning to offer a subscription plan for their website. Readers would have access to a certain number of articles for free before being asked to pay for further access. A source has said that the newspaper will strike a deal with Apple and provide content to tablet users.

The New York Times has not confirmed or denied these rumors. However, the rumors sound very probable to me, because the Times has done stuff like this before and newspapers in general have not been doing well since the Internet has become popular for reading the news.

Via ITProPortal, image via SlashGear.

Jan 14 2010

Apple Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Tablet Image Seekers

On Wednesday, the blog Valleywag, a site devoted to Silicon Valley gossip, posted a request for readers to send in information about the Apple tablet in exchange for a reward. They offered $10,000 for a photo, $20,000 for a video, $50,000 for a photo of Steve Jobs holding the elusive tablet, and $100,000 to let Valleywag use one for an hour.

This has not gone over very well with Apple. Though the company usually tolerates rumors and speculation relating to its upcoming products, usually saying nothing until products are released, they were not so tolerant about this issue. A lawyer for Apple sent a cease and desist letter to Valleywag.

The letter claims infringement on Apple’s trade secrets and inducement to break nondisclosure agreements. Ironically, analysts are now saying that this letter confirms that there is truly an upcoming tablet.

It is important to remember that at this point we really don’t know what new and amazing product Apple will reveal on January 27. It is also interesting that in previous cases, Apple has only taken legal action when their secrets are truly compromised, which means that all the speculative photos floating around the Internet are may not even be close to what the real thing will look like.

Via CNET, image via TGDaily.

Jan 13 2010

No iPhone Updates? Blame the Apple Tablet

Apple has not released an iPhone update in over three months and there are no forthcoming updates planned, at least not any that we know of. The reason for this odd turn of events, according to some speculation, is Apple’s desire to keep its upcoming tablet a secret.

The tablet could feature an iPhone OS or an OS very similar to the iPhone’s. An Apple source has told Boy Genius Report that there could be too much tablet-related code in an update to the iPhone’s OS, and Apple does not want to leak any information before their event at the end of January.

Apple’s tablet is, according to the latest rumors, kind of like an advanced iPhone – “an iPhone on steroids”. It is expected to have an ARM processor, not an Intel Atom or Pine Trail CPU. Most people now seem to agree that it will not run a full version of OS X, as that might be overkill for this kind of gadget.

Via The Washington Post, image via Cult of Mac.

Jan 13 2010

Did Apple Cause A 10-inch LCD Shortage For Netbook Makers?

That’s the word being passed around at CES 2010. One electronics designer claimed in a report that Apple had pre-ordered “all” of the 10-inch LCD panels on the market, as well as similar sized OLED displays as well. This sounds a little bit ridiculous, though most of the rumors about the Apple tablet claim it will have a 10-inch screen so the dimensions make sense.

A shortage of 10-inch screens could be a big deal for netbook makers. Machines like the Dell Mini 10 netbook and a billion others come with 10-inch screens, and if supply issues arise consumers might notice sparse netbook variety in stores or perhaps a rise in price. Again, this seems unlikely – most netbook makers probably have loads of 10-inch LCD panels stocked for situations like this.

Another rumor has popped up as well, and it’s summed up by the following sketchy but fascinating photo, courtesy of the Mac Observer:

This could be faked, but if nothing else it’s a thought provoker. Apple’s keeping us in the dark for now, but in the months to come, we should finally know the truth about the Apple tablet.

Jan 11 2010

Apple Files for Multitouch Screen Patent

Apple's patent application

Patently Apple, a site devoted to finding patents filed by Apple Inc., has found out that the company filed for a patent for a new multitouch screen in 2008. The site says that Apple plans to use the new technology with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac laptops.

According the patent, Apple has made the LCD pixels of a screen touch sensitive by removing layers of the screen, which also makes it brighter and thinner. The patent also indicates that Apple has developed the capability of touch-screen capabilities on the edge of the screen, which would allow a user to scroll without touching the screen itself.

Right now, Apple has not given any indication that it will be using this technology with any upcoming products. Nevertheless, there is a lot of speculation that this new touchscreen will be used on the much-anticipated Apple tablet. After all, imagine how amazing it would be if different finger gestures did different actions, such as opening an application, on the tablet.

Via ITProPortal, image via Patently Apple.

Jan 6 2010

Apple May Be Prepping iPhone OS 4.0

The special event Apple has scheduled for January 27 may be more than just a showing-off of Apple’s new tablet, according to industry sources. It also could be the launch of version 4.0 of the iPhone operating system and the Software Development Kit (SDK) to accompany it.

The SDK will reportedly contain tools to assist developers in converting existing applications for the tablet. This could also make a higher-resolution iPhone possible in the future.

Mac4Ever – the site originally reporting these rumors –  is not entirely confident that the new version of the OS will arrive as expected. Still, the site has published some very accurate rumors recently, including information about the iMac that proved to be accurate a month later when the updated iMac was released. The site also contains a rumor that says the tablet will be very different than the many conceptions floating around the internet.

Evidence of a fourth generation iPhone and updated operating system have also appeared in App Store analytics data.

Via Mac Rumors.

Image via The First Reporter.

Jan 1 2010

Apple’s New Device Will be a Tablet, Says ex-Apple Employee

Kai-Fu Lee, the former president of Google China, has said that according to a knowledgeable source Apple’s new device to be unveiled in January will be a tablet with 3D graphics, costing under $1000. Lee has also said that Apple predicts it will sell ten million of these devices next year alone. The tablet will look like a large iPhone and will have a 10.1-inch touchscreen, a virtual keyboard, and videoconferencing and e-book support.

Lee is the former president of Google China–he left the company this year–and worked for Apple over ten years ago. His speculations are just a few among many concerning Apple’s much-anticipated device.

Lee also said that the tablet will weigh less than half of what a MacBook Air weighs, though it was unclear whether this is Lee’s opinion or that of the knowledgeable source.

Via PC World, image via Blorge.

Dec 29 2009

Apple’s New Device Could be an E-Reader

The rumors about Apple’s new device, expected this coming January, continue to abound. The latest rumor  says that Apple’s device will not be a simple tablet–rather, it will be an e-reader designed to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Kindle.

The rumor (derived from ‘insider sources’) says the iSlate, as it may be called, is going to be an eBook reader that will be a competitor to the Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and other e-readers. It will run iPhone 4.0 software (which is not currently available) and will have an App store for eBooks.

E-readers have been doing very well on the market. Amazon sold more e-books than regular paper books this Christmas season, and Apple is sure to have taken notice.

I love Apple products, but in  all honesty, I am not crazy about the whole e-reader idea. When I read books, I like to have the book physically in my hands, and I think most consumers agree. As of now, I remain unconvinced about the virtues of e-readers, but if Apple delivers one this January it will definitely be something to pay attention to.

Via VentureBeat.

Dec 27 2009

Apple’s Tablet Could Be Called The iSlate

In November 2006, a little-known Delaware company called Slate Computing, LLC registered the term “iSlate” as a trademark. This was done in the United States and in Europe. Recent speculation is that Apple is behind all of this, done in preparation for the eventual Apple tablet. Apple rumors have abounded since the beginning of time (or at least the end of 2008), and we might finally see their consummation in this new device.

Some clever investigators have found very strong evidence that Slate Computing, LLC and the iSlate trademark registration are tied to Apple. The signatory on trade application documents relating to the trademark was Regina Porter – the name of one Apple Senior Trademark Specialist (according to her LinkedIn profile).

It’s looking more and more likely that, if it exists, the Apple tablet is going to be called the iSlate. I would say the next speculation concerns what the device actually will look like.

Via Mac Rumors, image via Erictric.

Dec 24 2009

The Apple Tablet May Be a Reality This January

There have been so many rumors about the possible Apple tablet that it’s ridiculous. But two recent pieces of news indicate that this much-anticipated device may turn out to be a reality.

First, Apple told some of its developers to make versions of iPhone apps that will work on a device with a larger screen. Second, Apple has reportedly booked Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for a period of time in late January. Add to this a mobile industry source who has said this “mystery device” will be shown at the event but will not be ready to ship.

Apple used to not announce products before launch, but changed their tune on this with the iPhone. The January event would be the perfect opportunity to announce their new tablet. Of course, it’s all rumors at this point, but it’s tempting to say that an Apple tablet is looking more and more likely.

The overwhelming question I have now is: are users ready for this kind of interface change? I am envisioning the Apple tablet without a physical keyboard, but I know I am personally not ready to give up mine. Any successful device might implement an external keyboard option, as displayed here.


Nov 30 2009

CrunchPad Tablet Netbook Rumored to Crumble Under High Costs and Repeated Delays

Yep, that’s right. The sleek prototype of a tablet/netbook device is experiencing higher-than-expected production costs and repeated delays, which are rumored to lead to its demise. Earlier, this year, Michael Arrington had said the CrunchPad tablet netbook would be ready for sure by the end of this year, but sadly, the device’s release deadlines have already been passed multiple times. Last we heard, it was supposed to be available in late July or early August.

The proposed price of the CrunchPad tablet netbook had originally been rumored to range from $200 to $400, but seems like the feasibility of the product is coming to an end. Perhaps there’ll be more luck with Apple’s rumored tablet netbook device. Either way, it doesn’t keep the CrunchPad from being named to Popular Mechanics’ 10 most brilliant products of 2009 list.

Via Wired.

Oct 7 2009

Apple Tablet…Netbook or E-Reader Replacement?

The Apple tablet doesn’t quite fall into the category of netbook, nor does it quite fall into the category of e-reader. No doubt it would be an interesting and innovative machine, but what would be it’s main function? There is currently much debate about whether an Apple tablet would appeal enough to Apple’s target audience for it to be a successfully marketable product.

What do you think? Is the Apple tablet something that can compete with a netbook or with an e-reader? If you’re interested in what other people have to say on this topic, click here to listen in on their thoughts. You can also download an MP3 file of the audio by clicking here.

Via TechRepublic.

Image via MacPokerOnline.

Sep 1 2009

Apple Plans 9/9/09 Event; Tablet Netbook Prayed For

iPod Music Event

September 9th is almost here, and that means Apple’s upcoming 9/9/09 music event is here. Onlookers are predicting the first appearance of Steve Jobs since his medical leave and even the expansion of the iPod Touch lineup with digital camera functionality and more. However, by now you know where our curiosities lie – the Apple tablet netbook.

A few voices out on the net are saying 9/9 is the day we’ll finally see that cryptotechnological device, so keep your eyes and ears open when 9/9 finally arrives.

If you can’t stand all the waiting, be sure to follow up with our coverage of Apple netbook rumors starting way back in November.

Aug 28 2009

Yet Another Apple Touchscreen Tablet Rumor

There hasn’t been a good rumor in a while about the upcoming Apple touchscreen tablet, but here’s one that seems pretty juicy. The Apple tablet might come in 13″ and 15″ models, in addition to the original 10″ model, and one of the larger model may run on a full Mac OS.

The 13″ and 15″ tablet models are only prototypes for now, but they’re made of aluminum and in the shape of large iPhones. When they were spotted in a factory in China, one of them “was running MAC OS X 10.5.”

Well, that’s all for this rumor, but when we get wind of anything else about Apple’s upcoming/rumored devices, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Via Gizmodo.


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