May 26 2010

Apple Overtakes Microsoft

As of Wednesday afternoon, Apple has overtaken Microsoft as most valuable technology company. At the close of trading, Apple was valued at nearly $223 billion compared with Microsoft’s $219 billion.

The rankings could of course change, but for now, Apple is ahead, which is not surprising due to the company’s recent success due to the iPhone and the iPad. Apple’s share price has risen dramatically over the past year to $244. Microsoft’s has also risen, but not as dramatically: a year ago, its shares closed at $20, today they closed at $25.

Microsoft and Apple have had a rivalry for years. Microsoft was the dominant company for a long time but it appears now that the tables have turned. The iPod and iPhone have helped facilitate Apple’s rise as a true technology giant that has become a lot more successful than Microsoft. As Apple has grown, it has faced problems and criticism for its policies.

Via The Wall Street Journal.

Apr 22 2010

Apple and Microsoft Still Rivals

The Apple vs. Microsoft rivalry is perhaps one of the most well-known in the world of technology—even people who do not follow tech stuff closely know about it. Despite all the analysis and talk recently about an Apple vs. Google rivalry and a Google vs. Microsoft rivalry, the old Apple vs. Microsoft rivalry still remains.

A report on Thursday by Standard & Poor said that Apple has replaced Microsoft as the number 2 company on its ranking of companies in terms of market cap. Microsoft took issue with this, informing the media that it still has the greater market cap. Microsoft had a 35% increase in earnings in the fiscal third quarter due to its new Windows operating system.

Investors have already made their decision, though. Apple has better products and has created new markets that did not exist ten years ago. Microsoft is still tied to its Windows operating system and Office suite. It is simply not an innovative company.

Via MarketWatch, image via Apple.


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