Aug 18 2009

Apple’s Profits May Be Hurt By Back-to-School Netbook Shopping

Historically, Apple has done fairly well during the back-to-school season. This back-to-school season though, more students seem to want netbooks rather than full-sized PCs. And who wouldn’t? Netbooks are small and light, not to mention that most have longer battery lives than regular-sized notebooks.

According to Sunnyville-based consumer electronics marketplace Retrevo Inc., 34 percent of students currently buying laptops said that they plan on purchasing netbooks. Forty-nine percent will plan to buy full-sized PCs. Fifty-eight percent of students plan on spending less than $750 on whatever machine they buy for school.

The economic situation right now isn’t helping Apple out either. The pricing for Apple’s machines start at $949, while netbooks start as low as in the upper range of $100. But perhaps things will change with the release of Apple’s tablet/netbook. What do you think?

Via BizJournals.

Image via Edopter.


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