Mar 14 2010

Origin PC’s Overclocked Core i7-980X Delivers An Unholy 4.3 GHz

Intel turned heads in the hardware world with its release of the Core i7 980x. With a stock 3.33 GHz and a ridiculous hex-core (that’s right, 6 cores) it easily is the number one consumer processor.  Even with the premium price of $999, AnandTech raved as the chip blew out benchmark after benchmark.

If for some peculiar reason you weren’t astounded by the sheer power of that, Origin PC has the solution for you.  On its Genesis desktop, it is offering the Core i7-980x overclocked to an astonishing 4.3 GHz.  Let us restate for added emphasis: 6 cores at 4.3 GHz.

And since the 980X is an Extreme Edition, it has overclocking covered in the warranty.  Have fun trying to max it out, if you can pay the price.  Just the processor option for the OC 980X is $1044.  So if you have over a thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket, be my guest. I shall envy you.

Via Engadget.

Oct 13 2009

ASUS Intros The M60J Laptop

ASUS is introducing another notebook based on the new Core i7 processor: the 16 inch M60J. Unfortunately, only the specs are available right now, and they are as follows.

  • 16-inch glossy display (1366×768)
  • Intel Core i7 720QM/820QM processors
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 240M 1GB graphics
  • Dual 2.5-inch hard drive bays
  • 6-cell 4800mAh battery
  • Weight: 3.3 kg/7.27 lbs w/battery
  • Dimensions: 14.8 in. (W) x 10.4 in. (D) x 1.3~1.6 in (H)
  • 2-year limited global warranty

Please note that the dual hard drives can offer up to 1 Terrabyte of storage, so by all means, go nuts on the movies and music.

    Via NotebookReview

    Oct 6 2009

    Intel’s New Core i7 Chip Comes To Rock Laptops

    Good news people, the Core i7 desktop microprocessor – yes, the very same Core i7 featured in Intel’s recent desktop competition – just got mobile. Under the name of Clarksfield, the new chips are comparable to their desktop counterparts in many respects, and are actually better in the range they have for Turbo Boost*. At the risk of sounding like a TV ad, this chip will allow you to run demanding applications on your laptop concurrently and use computing power (and battery power) efficiently.

    *Turbo Boost: a technology implemented by Intel which allows CPU performance to be dynamically increased on demand, courtesy of Intel

    Via TechReport & CNET


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