May 2 2010

Microsoft Kills Courier Tablet

Another potential tablet bites the dust. Microsoft has just recently canceled plans for its Courier tablet. The tablet was first reported about last fall and apparently is not going to become a reality, at least not anytime soon.

The Courier was received positively by the public because it appeared to be rather innovative. But it may be because of this innovation that Microsoft decided to scrap the tablet: Microsoft does not currently have a way of powering this innovative device. Using a phone OS would not work very well for Microsoft because Windows Mobile 6 is just bad and Mobile 7 has not shipped yet. But using a desktop OS would present problems as well: the Courier interface probably would be quite different from that of Windows 7.

Microsoft may be ready for the Courier someday, but not now. For now, it will have to sit back and watch Apple’s iPad get all the attention.

Via InformationWeek, image via Microsoft.

Mar 8 2010

Tablet Competition: Apple vs Microsoft

With only a few weeks remaining before the much anticipated Apple iPad is released, Microsoft is finalizing details on its own “Courier.” Microsoft’s tablet, “a book-like device with two opposing screens,” according to Engadget, will supposedly have handwriting recognition built-in, and a stylus resembling a pen seems to be a primary source of input.

Engadget also claims there will be a built-in camera and a headphone jack as well. It will also serve as an e-book device, similar to the iPad’s own “iBook” app.

There has been no more information concerning pricing for the Courier, but because of the larger amount of features it is rumored to have, it is expected to be more expensive than the iPad

The Courier is to be released prior to the holiday season this year, which means by the time it is released, the iPad will have been part of the tablet market for over half a year—meaning more rumors about future updates, such as cameras on both sides of the device, tethering, and Flash support for Safari could cause possible Courier purchasers to refrain from purchasing until an iPad refresh.

Via Money.Gather


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