Dec 1 2009

The Deals Just Won’t Stop: It’s Cyber Tuesday For Dell and Apple

If you’ve been lusting after new gadgets and you missed both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there’s probably no helping you. But despite your ineptitude, all is not lost – manufacturers will always make it easy for you to drop a bit of cash, and it looks like we’ll need to be calling this Cyber Week in honor of a number of long-lasting Dell and Apple deals we’ve heard about.

Firstly, you can get discounts on all kinds of Mac laptops and desktops. AppleInsider has a nice guide available for where to get in on those machines. Canadian consumers can also get in on Dell discounts over at from now until December 11th. The selection includes laptops, monitors and more.

But if you don’t live in Canada, don’t despair – you can still get your hands on a Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook at for under $300 bucks, and Hackintosh it if you’re feeling especially industrious.

Via TheExaminer.

Nov 29 2009

Google Chromium OS Beta Available For Dell Mini 10v Netbooks And More

The Chromium OS has been open-sourced for hardly a week and some industrious tinkerers over at Dell have already delivered a beta version especially designed for the Dell Mini 10v netbook.

Here’s how to get it:

I have released an USB key image file to: The file name is: “ChromiumOS_Mini10v_Nov25.img.”  It contains a functioning image of my USB key loaded with ChromiumOS.  In addition, I have made a best effort attempt to get the Broadcom Wi-Fi adapter working in this image.  It’s definitely not perfect (read: highly experimental, untested, unstable, yada yada…) but it does appear to function.

This version’s boot time is around 12 seconds, a bit longer than earlier reported. The makers mentioned a few other minor issues you might be interested in knowing about:

  • It will take more than 5-10 *minutes* for the ChromiumOS network connection manager to “see” the access points and allow you to select and connect – be patient.
  • Wired connections appear to work fine and appear quick to connect.
  • There are currently issues with both the connection manager as well as the underlying components (wpa_supplicant) that can easily break or get hung. When in doubt, reboot and give it another try.
  • Use this image at your own risk – it comes to you totally unsupported and very minimally tested.

Still, for the amount of time that the Chromium OS has been available for netbook users to mess with, it looks like a solid effort. For more info on how to get Google’s new operating system on your netbook, read the article over at Dell.

Nov 27 2009

Dell Provides Free and Easy Google Chrome OS Download for Its Inspiron Mini 10v Netbook

The Chrome OS doesn’t yet provide anything that the Chrome web browser doesn’t, but we thought we’d share the procedure for downloading it onto your Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook anyway. First, grab yourself a USB drive that’s 8 GB or greater. (The actual download is roughly 7.5 GB.)

Essentially, the installation involves copying the Google Chrome OS image file onto your netbook. You’ll also need access to a computer that’s running Linux in order to turn the downloaded IMG file to a bootable file.

Technically, a Dell employee (nicknamed Doug A) came up with this entire process as he was testing out compiling a copy of the Google Chrome OS for himself after seeing it run on various netbooks last week. Doug A explains:

“To copy onto an USB key (8GB minimum), find another Linux machine and utilize the “dd” command to put the image onto the USB key. Example: dd if=ChromiumOS_Mini10v_Nov25.img of=/dev/sdb. In this example, /dev/sdb is my entire USB key… use “fdisk -l” to see how your USB key is named for your particular environment. Be careful to select your USB device (again, use fdisk -l to double verify and confirm the correct device filename) and not another device…”

The Google Chrome OS image file for the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook is named ChromiumOS_Mini10v_Nov25.img and can be found here.

Via MobileComputerMag.

Nov 19 2009

Dell Mini 10 Netbooks Now Delivered In Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Packaging

In a move to green up its products, Dell has begun releasing its Dell Mini 10 netbook with renewable bamboo packaging instead of the standard plastic and cardboard of days gone by. It’s supposed to be a win-win situation, where Dell saves money and offers consumers a way to feel good about themselves in return.

The outer box is made from 25% recycled materials and bamboo will replace the paper, foam, and cardboard used in older packaging. The Inspiron Mini 10 and Mini 10v will be the first netbooks to get the setup, but Dell hopes to expand the number of products using greener packaging in the near future.

Bamboo stalks, as it were, can grow two feet a day in the proper conditions. Their speedy growth and strength makes them useful and and a great green alternative to traditional paper products. Just so you know.

Via TheInquisitr.

Sep 25 2009

Dell Presents Moblin Netbook at IDF, Price Tag $299

Rumor had it that a Moblin netbook was going to make an appearance at the Intel Developer Forum. We recently found out that the manufacturer of this Moblin Netbook Remix-based netbook is Dell and that the netbook model is the Mini 10v. The netbook became available on September 24th, with a price tag of $299.

Dell isn’t aiming the Moblin netbook at consumers yet; their goal is in fact to give Moblin developers best-of-class hardware to work on. If you’re interested in giving Moblin a go but aren’t yet committed to buying a new Dell netbook, you can just download and test the software out yourself.

Via JKOnTheRun.

May 12 2009

New Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Netbook Comes In 7 Colors

Dell is announcing some classy additions to its Inspiron Mini 10 netbook. Under the moniker of Inspiron Mini 10v, the new Dell machine  – starting at $299 – will feature a 92%-of-standard-size keyboard, Ubuntu or XP, a webcam, 1 GB of RAM and the option of Bluetooth.

Dell Mini 10

Consumers will get the choice of a 120 or 160 GB HDD for their Mini 10v netbook, with a 16 GB SSD or the option of an 8 GB drive  for Ubuntu machines.

The most exciting part? New colors! The new color scheme includes colors like “Obsidian Black, Alpine White, Cherry Red, Promise Pink (in the United States only—sorry, Canada and Latin America), Ice Blue, Jade Green and Passion Purple,” set to class up Dell netbooks everywhere.

Via eWeek.


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