Mar 2 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Joins The Tweetosphere With Gwibber

Ubuntu Linux has strived for years to become everyman’s Linux distro, and with 10.04 it stands one step closer to winning the hearts and minds of the archetypal Web 2.0 resident: the social networker.

Facebook, Twitter, and even the fiasco known as Google Buzz, all are permanent residents of the internet’s lexicon, but for the most part operating systems have taken little notice.  There were little nudges, however, but only one has shown much integration between OS and the social realm.

Behold, Gwibber, GNOME’s microblogging client for your favorite social network.  It provides easy to your desktop updates of all the miniscule details about what your friends are up to, and allows you to change your status across multiple platforms.  Ubuntu approved of the idea, and with their blessing added Gwibber as standard on all Ubuntu ISOs, following 9.04.

Now, there appears to be a greater goal than simply providing their users a convenient program for posting tweets and status updates.  Ubuntu has added a Me Menu in the 10.04 alpha, allowing users to input their current status directly from the OS taskbar.  And their application of choice for handling all this work is tethered to a new and improved Gwibber client.

Still, how serious of a shift is Canonical making in terms of OS-Internet balance?  Given Ubuntu’s market share, probably not that much.  Still, this is a step forward, and it will be interesting to see what will follow.

Via Ars Technica.


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