Jan 30 2010

Next Generation of Touchscreens Ready For Pressure

One of the greatest effects of the widespread success of the iPhone was the introduction of the capacitive touchscreen to the masses.  Capacitive screens gave us a more natural experience as opposed to the resistive interfaces from the past.  Now, there is much effort being spent towards the creation of pressure sensitive screens.  While there are many approaches towards this problem, one seems to claim that it is the end-all solution.

This comes from a specialized company called Peratech.  It is placing all of its money on a technology called quantum tunneling composite.  The way it works is by utilizing the fact that two conductors close to each other but separated by an insulating layer, will still cause electrons to jump back and forth. The special part is that they are using an polymer which reacts to the changes by pressure by changing its resistance.

Peratech has already signed on with a major screen maker and its products could hit the market by April of this year.  We will have to wait to see how they change the way we use touch interfaces till then.

Via Technology Review, image via Peratech

May 7 2009

Predicted 2010 Netbook Trends

By the year 2010, netbooks are predicted to be widely used. They are growing ever more convenient, functional, and practical, and in fact, may soon become the mobile device of choice. Here are some trends that netbooks are predicted to follow within the next couple of years:

1. There will be more extremes in netbook pricing. This means that there will be a greater variety of netbooks offered at both cheaper and more expensive prices. For example, the Asus S101 costs roughly three times that of the first Asus EeePC.

2. Hardware that comes with netbooks will be more efficient. Netbooks will be equipped with more powerful processors as well as greater hard drive capacities (the price to hard drive space ratio will decrease). This will also lead to notebooks that use less power and therefore have longer battery lives.

3. Choices for operating systems will be expanded. Many netbooks currently run on the Windows operating systems but in the future, more netbooks will run on Unbuntu, Linux, Android, and other operating systems.

4. Integration of technology will be greatly improved. Devices will be able to more easily communicate with each other and products from the same family will be able to easily interact with each other. This integration will apply to both hardware and software products.

Via WePC.


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