Jul 24 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: HP Mini 2140 Reviewed!

HP Mini 2140

We’ve reviewed HP’s business-ready netbook, the HP Mini 2140, and we’d love to let you know what we found.

The netbook got big points for its battery life and keyboard, and is a serious competitor with its brushed-steel exterior and brilliant screen. Who knows – it might just be the perfect netbook for your needs. Take a look!

Apr 18 2009

Can HP Netbook Subsitute for a Regular Laptop?

Netbooks are gaining in popularity against laptops, cell phones (Blackberries and iPhones in particular), and other mobile devices used for business purposes. Boasting ultraportability, many company executives and businessmen are using netbooks more and more on a daily basis, especially during business meetings and short business trips.

Since their weight is roughly half the weight of a laptop, netbooks are less of a burden to transport. Also, it is easier to access and view documents on a netbook than on the screen of a cellular device.


Hewlett Packard’s Mini 2140 is a solid product when it comes to netbooks. Not only does it have a sturdy structure that makes it better equipped to withstand daily wear and tear, its technical specifications also allow it to have similar functionality as that of a regular laptop computer; the amount of memory and storage that this netbook comes equipped with allows it to function as a regular laptop would.

The Mini 2140 is roughly three pounds. The device comes with the Intel Atom processor and with either Windows XP or Vista or SUSE Linux. (Bootup time for a Mini that runs on the basic version of Microsoft Vista is very fast.)

Another thing that makes this netbook a good product is its battery, which lasts for roughly six hours on average. HP claims that it can even last up to 10 hours! The Mini 2140 also has wi-fi certified WLAN with Bluetooth.

Via ITBusiness.

Jan 26 2009

10″ Aspire One Netbook Looks… Red?

New pics are out of the latest Acer netbook: the 10″ Acer Aspire One, and it looks as hot as everyone’s been mentioning. Check it out:

Acer Aspire One netbook

Most notable is the red version of the netbook. Acer has had some cool-looking netbooks before, including the 8.9″ Sapphire Blue Aspire One netbook. Here’s a closer look:

Red Acer Aspire One netbook

Red is a new bold look for the netbook. While older netbooks were often bland looking, like the older MSI Wind U100, it seems newer machines are getting snazzier. Note the ASUS Eee PC 1002HA netbook or HP Mini 2140 netbook, for example.

If you’re in the market, be sure to check out our review of the Acer Aspire One before you buy one.

Via Arstechnica and OSNews.


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