Jan 8 2010

CES 2010: Intel Announces AppUp Center For Netbooks

Intel revealed its new AppUp Center today at CES 2010 – Intel’s response to Apple’s App Store, except for netbooks. The application storefront will offer games and other software for netbook users, and is now available as a Windows download from Intel.com.

The store will support Moblin as well as Windows operating systems. Currently in beta, the AppUp Center has a pretty limited software selection – 17 games, two of which are free. However, this number should be exploding soon. Intel’s Atom Developer Program is currently doing outreach for developers who want to get in on the AppUp Center. For a short time, Intel’s $99 yearly developer fee will be waived by developers of applications for the AppUp Center.

Intel GM Renee James released the following statement about the AppUp Center:

“The Intel AppUp SM center offers netbook users quick and easy access to applications specifically tailored to their mobile lifestyle. Our store does the work of aggregating, categorizing and validating applications so consumers can shop, collect and install from one easy source. With today‚Äôs kickoff of our beta store, both developers and consumers will be able to take advantage of the rapid expansion of this new category of computing as the stores continually add apps.”

Acer, Asus, Dell, and Samsung are said to be developing manufacturer-branded versions of Intel’s AppUp Center for upcoming laptops and netbooks.

Via Gamasutra.

Dec 5 2009

Intel to Pre-Install App Store on Netbooks in 2010

Lots of new technology and applications will be coming out in 2010. Intel, for one, will be jumping into the competition with an app store that will be exclusively for netbooks. In fact, it’ll come pre-installed. Of course the 50 million expected shipments of netbooks in addition to the release of the Intel Pine Trail Atom processor also provide an incentive for Intel to launch an app store.

Fortunately, the director of Intel’s Developer Network, Scott Apeland, says that “The Atom Developer Program doesn’t favor one OS over another, and at its core, the program is meant to facilitate development across multiple OSes… we plan to expand support to different run-time environments, including Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight.”

Developers will be raking in the dough with this new rollout, getting 70% of revenues made, similar to the system in place for Apple. Launch dates for Intel’s new app store are currently up in the air, but no worries, we’ll keep you posted.

Via FierceCio.


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