Apr 16 2010

Opera iPhone App is Hugely Popular

The Opera iPhone app, released two days ago, has already proven to be a huge success. It was at the top of the download chart within twenty-four hours of being released and has been downloaded over one million times since its release. Apple took three weeks to approve it for sale in the app store.

Opera Mini is not the first iPhone app that is an alternative to the Safari browser. A browser app called iCab was released in May 2009. However, Opera Mini is one of the first well-known browsers to be developed for the iPhone.

Apps have to be written for particular phones to offer a good quality experience. Opera has not developed an app for the iPad, instead saying that the iPhone version of Opera Mini will work on the iPad.

Via BBC News, image via Opera.

Apr 12 2010

Apple Approves Opera for iPhone

Apple has approved Opera Mini for the iPhone, which is big news because it is the first alternative web browser for the iPhone. Opera Mini will help users where the AT&T network is most congested, like San Francisco and New York.

Ironically enough, for Opera Mini to be approved, it had to be deemed not a web browser because of Apple’s developer agreement. The agreement does not allow alternative JavaScript rendering engines on the iPhone. Though the iPhone has had alternative browsers previously, all of them were actually skins for the Safari browser.

Technically, Opera Mini does not render web pages. Opera’s servers render the pages and Opera Mini renders a compressed markup language called OBML. This actually makes Opera Mini more like a PDF reader than a web browser.

People who have used Opera Mini have said that it is extremely fast, rendering web pages in ten seconds, as opposed to the thirty that Safari took. Opera Mini also reduces data traffic, which should give speed improvements to crowded areas.

Via PC Magazine, image via Opera.


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